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  1. The provincial government of BC has pledged to open up a second medical school at Simon Fraser University. First class intake according to the article below will be in 2024/25. I'm curious what you all think about this? https://the-peak.ca/2020/10/ndp-pledges-sfu-will-get-bcs-second-medical-school-program/
  2. Senseless and horrifying. Too often people forget about just how much violence doctors, nurses and other medical professionals can face.
  3. Not a debate I'm going to continue here. If you want to start a thread specifically for this topic be my guest otherwise I'd suggest you go back to /sci/.
  4. Casper is a psychological, situational judgement test used to determine applicant characteristics. It does act as a filter because those who possess traits that would be problematic in medicine are more likely to do worse and thus not proceed to interview. It is also predictive of success in medical school. I'm not going to argue with you, this isn't the thread for this debate as pointed out earlier.
  5. I would stick with the BBA! Your undergrad program doesn't really matter as long as you have prerequisites where applicable and are able to write the MCAT (which like Meridian said you can self study for/take a prep course) and also a full course load. You can also audit science classes to help you grasp the material. Now if you want to go to school in the USA, it's a bit of a different story cause all of those schools require a lot of pre reqs, but not in Canada. It's good to have a back up plan too in case med doesn't workout, and a BBA is pretty solid. You'll be able to find a job easier th
  6. Actually yes. There really is no point in you saying you're at a top 5 prestigious medical school while McMaster is ranked at 77th. If you didn't intend to minimize McMaster's standing you would not have even mentioned this. It is completely irrelevant. Additionally you consistently bring up how prestigious these ranking groups are without any consideration for the fact that they might be biased. There is actually a fair amount of controversy over how they rank universities. Just google it there are plenty of articles and a few studies out there. Your point that "residency directors of to
  7. I don't understand the point of this post. You're already a medical student, why bother? It reads like someone who still holds a bitter grudge. McMaster have been doing things their way for decades and are a pretty revolutionary school (for example, they were the first to implement PBL which is used all over the world now, probably at your school too). CARS tests deductive reasoning which is a crucial skill to possess in medicine (it's not just memorization) and Casper is more of a filter test. They want to get a general idea of what the applicant is like. It makes lying on an application hard
  8. I might be misinformed but to my understanding it’s only a very small handful of schools who view best/last 2 years? And there will be many other excellent applicants, some of whom have also done a second degree. No matter how you spin this, no one really has a great chance here. Doing another 2 years for a few Canadian schools IS a gamble itself. OP is close to finishing a PhD (and has an impressive CV), and has already scored highly on the MCAT. So it’s not really a matter of competence. Scientific aptitude is clear. Going back to undergrad is a waste of 2 years. I agree about the limi
  9. I think it’s a complete insult to someone of your caliber to say go back to undergrad. If unsuccessful in the US I would recommend looking at research heavy/high tier medical schools in Australia (Melbourne and U Syd specifically), Ireland (RCSI), and the UK. While yes there are some challenges with residency, someone with your CV would likely land a residency in the USA with decent USMLE scores. The cost will be high though. In the grand scheme of things however, tuition would probably be comparable to some US MD schools.
  10. Then you have 0 chance at getting into a Canadian medical school, US MD school or DO school and will probably need to go down to the Caribbean. A masters will do very little for you. Even better international options like the UK/Ireland and Aus would probably be a lot harder with a 2.7.
  11. I would apply one more time in Canada. If you got into an Australian school this year you will probably get into one next year too. Applying in Canada one more cycle would be worth it to avoid the headache of being an international med grad. Does your family know that it is a very complicated process to come back to Canada and most Canadians either stay in Australia or go to America? Because that is the reality of the situation.
  12. I agree a lot with YesIcan55. If you have only applied twice in Canada then you should not go the IMG route. Apply 3 or 4 times minimum before you go off on that path. With that being said if you are still insistent I would choose to go to Australia. I also have an EU citizenship but it doesn't matter anymore because Ireland changed the rules. Contrary to what people have said the internship crisis in Australia has actually been largely fixed but 4 years from now you can't know what will happen. In NSW this year only 5 international medical graduates did not receive an internship. So the stat
  13. Sure I'd be happy to! Just let me know what the best way to get in touch with you guys is.
  14. I'm also a psych student, in a similar boat. I opted to personally skip taking orgo and biochem mainly just because I don't want to risk bringing my GPA down. I wouldn't be able to fit them into my course schedule anyway if I want to graduate on time. Self studying/ possibly hiring a tutor/prep course is the way I'm planning to go about it although they are expensive and I'm really on the fence about it. I've been told by quite a few people that the MCAT doesn't have a ton of orgo on it and biochem is way more important to focus on. Unless you are planning on applying to US MD schools or the
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