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  1. During my first three years of uni i experienced a lot of hardships and unfortunate situations that led to a terrible depression i ended up being hospitalized a few times and my gpa was considerably low. I preserved though and ended up with a 4.0 in my last year. I know u of c look at overall trends in gpa but i dont really know what that means? would the following be an upward trend 1 year: 2.7 2nd year: 2.3 (most difficult year personally) 3rd year: 3.1 4th year: 3.7 5th: 4.0 (the only year i took 10 courses)
  2. Graduated with distinction (3.6< for last 3 years) but have overall a low gpa 3.4 with upward trend (2.7- 4.0 in my last year). i was very ill during my first three years and struggled a lot with my mental and physical health. didnt get help until my third year which is when i started to actually do well in school (3.7, 4.0 for my last two years). I will write about my struggles where appropriate but i am proud i persevered and came out stronger. feeling very discouraged but i am determined no matter what.no publications but i have been a research assistant for 3+ years.multiple leadership
  3. Realistically, what are my chances for getting into med school with a subpar GPA? My overall GPA is just past the minimum requirements for alberta medical schools however I do have a very strong upward trend in grades (mid-high 2s for my first few years (mainly jr. courses) and high 3s in my last two years in which most of my classes are senior levels ((3.7-3.9)). My first few years at university were plagued with an unfortunate medical diagnosis, depression, suicidal ideation, many hospital visits.. it was a rough time for me. But, I got help and persevered and now im doing very well in my cl
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