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  1. Time Stamp: 7:04 am Result: ACCEPTED!!!!! WGPA = 3.97 Interview Thoughts - thought it was amazing, connected with interviewers, and got an "excellent" on one response...so left feeling confident and assured a bit. However, as time went on started to doubt my answers. uOttawa Medicine Class of 2023 baby!!! Wishing everyone best of luck and congratulations to those that also got offers
  2. @TheGreatAli Ohhhhhhh okay that makes sense! Congratulations though man, thats amazing!!! :))
  3. I think that for each student, he/she is given an interview score (whatever it is out of idk) and the wGPA that they have. The system/excel couples these two scores to create a final score. A rank order list is created based on the COMBINED scores. Those with the highest COMBINED scores get admitted, which implies that those with higher wGPAs are at greater advantage. That's my understanding
  4. I believe theres a two-week window following May 14 for those who received offers to accept. Then after that, they call those empty spots. Of the 164 offers last year, 90 rejected their offers, which would mean top 250 get offers.
  5. I heard that uOttawa sends acceptances to the top 200 applicants (ie., > 164) because not many accept the offers, is this true?
  6. Im guessing the panels all vary
  7. @KeyzerSoze i dont think thats always the case though tbh
  8. Thought it went really well walking out, but I may be wrong since post-interview feelings do not always correlate with outcomes. Id say it was a blend of smiles, nods, and straight face. At one point, interviewer asked me a controversial question and I answered honestly and genuinely and I got a " what you said was excellent." Really praying everything works out!!
  9. Tbh, there is no right or wrong way to approach ethical questions, but my way is: 1) try and state what the problem is 2) bring in your own clinical philosophy and expertise 3) gather info, see both sides 4) make an informed decision...if difficult one, seek other specialists in field for holistic/more definitive/more confident decision. 5) Follow up/long term implications.
  10. unreal, love it! thank you so much . Did you interview at uOttawa/were you accepted there if you dont mind me asking?
  11. To Ottawa Admits (preferably), How long should our answers be? 2mins? 3 mins ? I hear that they like to prompt you so I don't want to ramble if theyre going to cut me off. Thanks tons!
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