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  1. It's a complicated situation due to chargebacks from walk-in clinic use, ability to roster patients, etc. For example, they'll use walk-in clinics and are not as loyal. The other thing is that they are 'needier'; if you have a FHO is a rural area, the patients will accept more issues to be handled over the phone, not come in for unnecessary issues, etc. Very very complicated in practice...............
  2. From personal experience as well as talking to LOTS of docs in the community; FHO income is about 30% more than FFS income. For example, for a roster of 1000 patients, average payment is around 225-300 per patient, all inclusive of extra billings, walk-ins, shadow etc. The age mix makes a huge difference too; a younger panel will gross on the lower end; older-complex patients on the higher end. The stories of working 3.5 days a week and grossing 400k+ are more in rural areas; not in the center of Toronto or Vancouver. The docs also have to worry about outside use, walk-in clinic use in hea
  3. Exactly! 250k is about 150-155k after taxes in ON and even 100k is about 70k after taxes. $225k/12 = 18.75k monthly , let’s round up to 19-19500 after deductions
  4. A bit off topic; but how did you calculate 21k after taxes monthly? Just wanted to see the calculation. Based on my calculations it would be less than 20k on that income; well below; probably like 17-18k.
  5. Nobody has any idea about how hard/easy it is to ramp up a FHO roster? Specifically in the GTA area
  6. @LittleDaisy you are knowledgable on this; any thoughts?
  7. Any idea why roster sizes in the GTA are hovering between 800-1200 patients on average? Is a larger roster size difficult to build? How long does it take to build out a roster of 1000 patients? I don't understand why more physicians don't have roster sizes above 1200 or so. Is it a saturated market?
  8. How is this affecting FP’s across Canada? A friend of mine in London who is FFS has his revenue down 65% due to this, and will likely end up making 50% of his annual expectation due to fixed overhead costs! Yikes!!!!!
  9. Hi All, Asking for a friend, filing taxes for last year, was wondering if any of you guys have any creative ideas for tax reduction/strategies. For a net income of 250k, I'm looking at a tax bill just a hair short of 100k; YIKES!!!! Are there any special tax deductions, loopholes that are advantageous to docs. I'm aware of incorporating. How much money do average docs put into their corporations? Even making 250k net, that only leaves about 150k, roughly $12,500 monthly which isn't a lot in the grand scheme of things.
  10. Was always curious as to why FHO roster sizes are typically 1000-1400 patients in the GTA region. Is this because of difficulty in managing a larger roster? Or is it due to too many patients going to walk-in clinics? Difficult patients? I know the FHO reimbursement is reduced if patients use walk-in clinics. Why aren't rosters larger considering the obviously higher payout? Is it due to saturation in the GTA? How difficult is it to build a new roster in the GTA at the moment?
  11. My 2 cents......yolo..........do it to pay off loans and get into something long term where you are building value.........
  12. Not really sustainable; it's good $; but most docs would want to poke their eyes out with that much volume and that mix of settings.......
  13. You gross 400k in 5 months? Do tell us how you would do that in FFS.........we are all waiting..........
  14. That’s still an amazing gig compared to FFS setups. Are you really going to whine about 280k plus CAD income on part time hours? Seriously?
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