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  1. Two years in and I actively avoid logging on to Elentra
  2. The experiential learning is entirely what you make of it. So far I've gotten a poster presentation at a conference and am working on a first author pub from my experiential learning research project so it definitely can be useful for CaRMS in my experience. Much of that career exploration will be set up by you, not by the school. The nice thing is I've found physicians to be much more responsive to random emails from medical students than from premeds, so if you're used to never hearing anything back that will change (not true in all cases but just a general statement) Also want to
  3. If you both have it then it’s probably supposed to be like that! Sorry for the panic
  4. I'm so glad it's helpful! Always happy to chat over DM if you have any more questions about med life here in Windsor
  5. hmm that's odd that it says it's a '3 term program' - mine has never showed up like that before, and it's never auto-populated the date! I haven't done my OSAP for this year yet and it'll be a bit different for me because I'm going into clerkship (which is a longer academic year) so it's totally possible that OSAP has made changes? Maybe another incoming student can chime in. As for the asset thing I said zero in previous years and nobody tried to arrest me or anything so I think it's fine!
  6. You’re a western student now so I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t be eligible! Also throughout the year you’ll get emails from admin about different scholarship opportunities and the application requirements so keep an eye out for those! :)
  7. Typically the final exam is in the last week of May and Discovery Week runs the first week of June. In first year I put my end date as the friday of the first week of June for financial aid and it was totally fine. Here's an overview of this year's academic schedule https://www.schulich.uwo.ca/medicine/undergraduate/docs/students/Course Assessment Vacation Schedule 2020-21.pdf
  8. Thanks @yobologna He's 100% correct that there are many clinician-scientists based in Windsor for us to work with! In fact, as part of getting prepared to start your longitudinal research experience you'll be provided with a list of these people along with what they study and how to get in contact so it's super easy to set up. I wouldn't necessarily say it's true that 'most' of our projects are based in London at all! You'll also have the opportunity to attend sessions to learn about research grants that are available over the summer - one of these is called SWORP (Schulich Windsor Oppo
  9. I'm a current student and we haven't received the link yet, so I don't think any of the incoming students have either
  10. It entirely depends on your rental agreement! I signed mine for 6 months when I moved in and after that it turned into a month-to-month lease (i.e. I can leave at any time given I provide appropriate notice). Probably something worth discussing with your landlord/building manager! I am going into my third year in a row in the same apartment, but some classmates did chose to move after first year if they didn't end up liking the apartment or if they decided they wanted roommates. I've also seen several classmates put up postings to sublet, and I know of classmates who simply continue to pay for
  11. Western doesn’t provide a form, but your family physician should have a record of your immunizations - it’s a yellow immunization card if you’re from Ontario! Many of the requirements are for serology/titres, so you’ll just call up your family physician and list what you need to be tested for and they can order the appropriate blood work. the portal to submit your documents is Synergy, the ESPC just refers to the actual virtual appointment where your documentation is reviewed & approved. Hope that helps!
  12. hey! I'm not London campus but just wanted to let you know that your Orientation Coordinators will be posting a housing guide with walking distances / grocery stores / popular places to live etc soon - that should help you out!
  13. Hey! I'm a second year on Windsor Campus so hopefully I can help Your Orientation Coordinators will be releasing a document that has info on where most students live, popular buildings (and buildings/landlords to avoid), and neighbourhoods and their proximity to groceries/school/hospital/gym etc. Unfortunately you won't find anywhere that is in walking distance from both the school and both hospital campuses because they're pretty spread out. The new Canterbury College buildings were pretty popular among the 2024s, as was the West Bridge building - you can just google either of those names an
  14. I know this isn't the response you're looking for but since there is the chance you'll end up in Windsor I'd be happy to answer any questions about our campus you may have if that would make your decision at all easier. Best of luck and congrats on your acceptances!
  15. I'm going to contribute the other perspective here! I went from living with three other people in undergrad (which I loved!) to living alone in med school (which I also love!). I decided to live alone because it's really important for me to have a quiet space to study/unwind in - this is easy when you're roomies are all on different schedules than you, but not so much in med school when you're all on pretty much the same schedule and therefore spending a lot more time together. I think either option can be great but consider whether the potential pros of having a roommate (decreased rent
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