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  1. Hey Curiouspaint! In all honesty I don't know how qualified I am to judge your ECs haha but hopefully I have a few pieces of knowledge to share LOL. My advice is always that passion and growth will win out in the ECs department - meaning if you can speak/write passionately about an experience and how it has helped you become who you are, and you can show growth within that EC (i.e. going from general member to president) it is more impactful than a 'flashy' EC that you did for three weeks and didn't care about. It sounds to me like you have a lot going on that you ARE passionate about so
  2. Hi!! I was accepted to Western and never had any of my verifiers contacted. I mean it's possible that the process changes year to year but just wanted to try to relieve some stress - I'm pretty sure it's random and not a sign that you won't be invited to interview if that's what you're thinking best of luck with the cycle!
  3. You definitely don't need to provide your high school transcripts to OMSAS! If you're applying to Western and you're a SWOMEN applicant you typically bring a copy of your high school transcript to interviews (I'm assuming it'll be an upload & send type situation this year) but that's just to prove that you attended high school in SW Ontario. Other than that specific situation you shouldn't need your high school transcript at all as far as I'm aware (but somebody please correct me if there are other application streams that require it!!!)
  4. This is exactly what I did when I was applying! I submitted in the last hour lol. You're good to go
  5. Hey! None of my referees were verifiers for anything on my abs. It wasn't a problem for me!
  6. The Western essays are an "abbreviated autobiographical sketch", so yes! those are the only essays Western has ever had
  7. Just want to clarify bc I think it might make some ppl happy to hear - in person OCLOs will be allowed! You'll be good to go for things like EM and surgery. What this part means is basically that Schulich isn't allowing you to participate in virtual clinic from your home for privacy reason. They don't want you 'seeing' patients from your bedroom when theres a possibility your roommate is standing by the door listening in kinda thing. If you are participating in virtual care, you'll have to do it from the same facility as the supervising physician. There will be some COVID training so things wi
  8. What's really odd is I talked to admin yesterday and today about this and they're sticking with the 'strongly suggest you move to your campus city' thing they sent out in the first memo! Apparently there's still an expectation that you guys will be able to attend on campus stuff at relatively short notice should things change...which I don't see happening tbh but who knows. In all honesty, there are still lots of things that will be going on that it'd be worth it to be in the city for ... observerships are definitely a go, and I think it's a selling point bc in the new curriculum Western is re
  9. Hey! The requirement is five full courses (i.e. ten single semester courses or anything equivalent) between the months of September and April. The courses you're taking this summer are not eligible to be counted towards reaching the full course load requirements. Basically if you take 5 courses first semester and 5 second semester, or 4 first semester and 6 second semester, or some other equivalent combination you've met the requirements. Because you've taken less than 10 courses in each of your years you unfortunately won't be eligible to apply. If you were to take 5/5 (10 courses)
  10. Still figuring out exactly how we're going to get them to you guys but it'll definitely be during/very close to orientation week so that you guys can show them off along with everybody else
  11. TRAFFIC LIGHTS! This is the best thing that could've happened to you guys
  12. The day class clothing orders comes in feels like Christmas! It's like getting new varsity kit at the beginning of the season - nothing wrong with wanting to rep your team Not to mention we could all use a little something extra to look forward to coming into this school year.
  13. I grew up in Windsor and now I’m at Windsor campus so if you have any questions you think I may be able to help out with please don’t hesitate to reach out. Anything I can’t answer I’ll be able to direct you to the appropriate Windsor faculty!! I think what you’re feeling is pretty common to some extent for those who didn’t think they were going to be in Windsor (even I was feeling a bit of it at this time last year)! The Windsor 2023s are going to do everything they can to make this transition as easy as possible so don’t be afraid to let us know what we can do! we are very
  14. I’ve heard of it happening once under an exceptional circumstance and that was a transfer from London to Windsor - keep in mind I’ve only been here for a year so that may not be the full picture though! I’d encourage you to look a little further into the merits of doing clerkship at London vs Windsor bc there are definitely benefits both ways. this is something that LEW may be able to give you more insight into as I’m pretty sure they usually handle these cases. I think we put their contact info on the fb group but if you can’t find it just private message me on here!
  15. Hey! In the past (pre-covid schedule) we have had mandatory sessions 3-4 days of the week most weeks (Tuesday is off) so that would be a lot of commuting. It may be possible during first semester of this year as in person mandatory sessions will be scaled back. You’ll also want to consider the fact that your ‘extras’ (longitudinal clinical experiences, service learning) will likely be located in Windsor as well. You may be able to do observerships in London but admin has made it clear to me that there will be no crossing campuses for mandatory class sessions (something other students were wond
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