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  1. OMSAS: UofT wGPA: 3.87 (no chance here I know) Queens/Western 2Y: 3.91 Mac: 3.7 (big oof) big upward curve, had like a 3.2 GPA in the first semester during first year, then pulled my head out of my ass and got 3.95/4s in the other semesters since then. Alberta/Calgary: 3.94 - since they do not use the OMSAS scale. MCAT: 520 (130 CARS) ECs: founded my own organization, long term volunteering (3 years with 3 clubs), research for 2 years at a lab, research at another lab, one publication (2nd author) another one submitted, normal hospital volunteering (300 hou
  2. Just curious about whether they use any of your 4th-year 1st-semester calculations for the GPA when we're applying?
  3. I'm currently in third year and will be applying during the 2019-2020 cycle I'm planning out my summer right now and just had a few questions about OMSAS and applications If you were to go back and change one thing about applications what would it be? (whether it be how early you started, or components of it) In terms of how consuming it is to gather the information, verifiers etc - how long did it take you guys? What are things you felt you did right when it came to applications, LORs and the Casper/MCAT I'll be doing the MCAT, Casper and research as well this summer
  4. Ah sorry! I meant something like a 129+ CARS and ECs involving research, volunteering, exec at uni clubs etc
  5. I've heard a bunch of different opinions but would like a general consensus on the following sentence: 'a GPA above a 3.85 OMSAS + a solid cars score + good ECS' is a competitive applicant? I've heard so many contradicting opinions about GPA, ECs and CARS - of course the higher the more competitive. Thanks so much! pls dkm for this post, I'm sure several people have asked before but I find this forum so useful
  6. thank you all for the replies, so I'm going to apply in 4th year and see how it goes, i think my a little on the low side for u of t and mac but it wont hurt to apply right? they don't look down upon reapplying?
  7. so you'd recommend applying during 4th year then? a bunch of people irl were telling me to do masters because my 1st year marks were completely different than my 2nd (and so far my 3rd year) marks
  8. applying next year: to all Ontario (except the northern one) schools just want to know whether i should wait until i graduate and do a masters or applying during fourth year - this is projecting since I got a 3.95 OMSAS and 4.0 normal GPA in 2nd year and hopefully getting the same this year, just screwed up during first year. u of t wGPA = 3.93 western 2y GPA = 3.98 Queens 2y GPA = 3.98 mac cGPA = 3.8 MCAT = 132/129/130/130 ECs: a bunch of tutoring jobs, research for 2+ years, submitted abstracts, 2nd author for a paper in review rn, published paper 3rd author, v
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