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  1. My verifier was contacted around this time last year!
  2. I can't speak to the process used for deciding which verifiers to contact but I do not believe the fact that verifiers having been contacted means anything one way or the other. From my own experience I had only one verifier (that I know of) contacted last year and was waitlisted.
  3. I agree! 3 of the questions were standard personal interview questions and the two of them were lengthy with multiple questions to address. I felt rushed trying to answer the entirety in 5 minutes for the two longer questions.
  4. I took mine right after the regular Casper test and was in a t-shirt :')
  5. It was very challenging. Two minutes to answer the question and part of the two minutes was reading the question itself. I was woefully unprepared.
  6. I'd add it! If its not published you may not be able to include it in awards/research/accomplishments but you could likely include it in work experience.
  7. Hi everyone, Wanted to get opinion of someone who has put activities such as camping or running etc. on their supplemental in the past. What type of person would you put as a verifier? Any feedback or others' experiences would be helpful.
  8. This was my first time applying but my supplemental / Essat score was very low and I thought it was the strongest part of my application! Maybe I was delusional about how my experiences would be viewed but I was surprised to see my score as low as it was.
  9. I was there Saturday AM and if I remember correctly there were 6 tracks of 12 people.
  10. I'm in the same boat @jessletmein, haven't used this account in months but sitting here cooped up at home has got me resetting my passoword and joining the fray. Goodluck everyone
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