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  1. Most likely visiting electives will not be happening for the class of 2021. How do class of 2021 students feel about this?
  2. Congratz everyone! Make sure to join the facebook group! University of Calgary Medicine - Class of 2023
  3. Good luck today everyone! Rooting for y'all!
  4. As someone who doesn't go to Mac, I can tell you this happens at all of the schools. Med students often forget where they came from ... For those of you who get multiple offers, I would strongly advise against going to Mac. Imposter syndrome will be real.
  5. I had trouble sleeping the entire week before acceptance letter were out. Applicant neuroticism I don't think it will be released before next week. There is like zero rush this year haha.
  6. I voted for orange. Hope you guys get orange haha ;)
  7. I just wanted to chime in and say you guys are all troopers! I'm sure many of you will have had some technical difficulties. Rest assured, these things will not factor into your interview score. Although virtual interviews are unprecedented for the admissions committee, I'm confident that they are well aware of these technical difficulties and will score accordingly. Great job guys.
  8. Let us not spread rumours please at this difficult time. I go to the school and I have not heard anything.
  9. MDStudenthappy. Just wondering why you want to go to the states?
  10. Can someone explain how many "choices" are possible? I thought it was 3.
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