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  1. I have a bunch of questions about this process! 1) Is it recommended to use a financial advisor in the city of your medical school, or does it matter? 2) Is there any reason to wait to secure the LOC until closer to the start of term? 3) Are there particular advisors that people would recommend (I'm looking mostly at Scotia) in Toronto or Kingston?
  2. The easiest way seems to be setting up Queen's University as a payee in online banking with your student # as the account # and doing it that way!
  3. Yes what was the deal with the buttons? I've seen talk about the buttons in past threads, but couldn't really decipher what the button actually was! Was it an accept/reject offer button or what?
  4. Same boat over here. I keep doing cool accurate counting things like "well this week doesn't count cause I'm in it, and the week acceptances come out also doesn't count cause that's the week I'm waiting for. Ergo, we only have to wait 4 weeks"
  5. I swear this was on the website in the method of selection steps, but I can't find it now either! I'll keep poking around
  6. I am only an applicant, so take this with a grain of salt, but my understanding is that they score each aspect of the applications at full file review pre-MMI (so a score for ABS, a score for LOR etc) and then use those component scores throughout the process to rank people, re-weighting the scores at each step according to their undisclosed internal weighting schemes for each stage rather than going back and re-scoring everyone's ABS every time. If I'm correct, whatever your ABS score is would already account for those typos if they decided those were an issue, so if you got an interview they
  7. I love seeing stories like these - our situations have some similarities. I got a panel this morning too! Let me know if you're looking for people to prep with
  8. Thank you for your optimism! I realize it could be an uphill battle for me, so a bit of positivity is a nice refresher. I was also able to get a letter from one of my universities that confirms I will be eligible for the Queen's weighted GPA if I have to apply again, which brings me up to a 3.9+ at that school with or without a grad degree, which is great. One day at a time!
  9. Hi there! I'm a super non-trad Canadian applicant from ON trying to figure out my next steps. I'm 28, am committed to pursuing medicine, and could use some input. I'm currently waiting to hear back from 5 schools (McMaster, Queen's, NOSM, U of T, and Manitoba) and have been rejected at UBC after a full file review (somewhat expected as an OOP applicant and given my stats). I have two undergrads - a BMus in performance music and an hons BSc in psych, both from great schools. I unfortunately didn't realize when I went back for the second degree that, due to the way my first degree was gr
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