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  1. really? no one gets in with less than 3.91 GPA? is that for IP or OOP? But it seems like I do see OOP with less than 3.9 gets an interview invite
  2. exactly! the CDA is setting somehting up for MDT in quebec, so they should definitely do that for other provinces.
  3. the other school in montreal is still accepting MDT and the CDA made arrangements and such for students who are applying for that school, so why does UofA have to get rid of the MDT portion when we have less cases than Quebec and could and should totally just ask the CDA to do the same,, aghhhh. I wouldve signed up to rewrite my DAT if i knew, but not its full
  4. so I just found out that UofA is not considering the MDT section this year, i feel like im definitely not getting in this year as my MDT basically carries my DAT score. Anyone feeling the same way or is it just me? Fml.............. so unfair that they cancel it without warning
  5. HI there, this is my first time applying to UBC and I got an interview invite recently, but I have no idea whats their format, how many questions per interview/ how long do we get to answer each quesiton etc. Basically I have no idea whats going on as I didnt expect to get an interview invite. any help will be appreciated!!!!! if anyone also want to practice togetehr please dm
  6. hit me up with a dm please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. How are we supposed to pay the 150$ interview fee through wire or direct deposit by tomrrow noon?? Also, anyone want to practice for the interview? please dm me or reply to me. I honestly didnt think I was going to get an interview invite as it is sooooo close to the interview date, this is sooo stressful and they need a better system.
  8. Which school did you get into that doesn’t require MCAT?
  9. Wouldn’t your classmates’s dentistry GPA ruin his GPA for med?
  10. Did you need a co-signer too? Does the co-signer have to have assets or have a very good job?
  11. Do you think it’s still a wise choice to go out of country and pay 400k+ for dentistry due to the impact from covid? I’m just very curious.
  12. Is 3.94 the minimum GPA to be interviewed and accepted?
  13. I read somewhere that the minimum GPA for interview is 3.85? Is that true?
  14. I would also like some interview tips and advice ! What’s a good place / person that I can hire to improve my Interview?
  15. That is very true, but it seems like I’m very bad at the interview and i don’t really know how to practice for it. do you have any tips other than practicing with friends? I don’t find that to be effective as my friends don’t know what’s happening.
  16. I know there’s a place to enter the contact information for reference letters, so does that mean I have to submit my application earlier than August 25, in order for UBC to send my professors the link portal to write me the reference letters?
  17. Hi guys, i haven’t started applying for UBC yet, but I’m wondering do we need to hand in our reference letters by August 25 if we want to submit our applications before August 25 to get early interview? Is there a format to follow for the reference letters? Do you guys know if there’s an advantage in getting an admission or an interview for applying and submitting the applications early before August 25? I read on the website that if we submit the applications before August 25, the applicants are most likely be interviewed during the October cycle. Any ideas o
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