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  1. In what sense is OP “lucky”? Being a PA should give you an advantage in the application process and OP has decent clinical experience. I’d make the case OP should pursue medical school since it would be much easier given that they have already know what to expect in clerkship and have networking already based on 4 different clinical programs. Carms would be easier for OP especially if only pursuing FM. I’d definitely drop the PA gig now that you’ve got in! Good luck!
  2. I know of two instances: 1) someone left a dental school in Canada, tried law school in Canada and then switched into med and is currently in 3rd year of medicine in Canada. It's possible, you just need the drive. Mind you, this person was super bright and got into dental school right after UG, dropped and got into law and then switched a year later into med. So they were the "average age" of their medicine class but had prior professional school experience in dent and law. This person is likely to match to a competitive specialty too. 2) A friend of a friend failed dental school in
  3. Hey everyone....I have a LOC with Scotia and I'm close to grad, does it automatically switch from a student LOC to a professional LOC for life at the same rate or do I have to call and speak with my advisor about it? What have people been doing, keeping the LOC as a professional LOC at prime - 0.25 and using it if you need it down the road? Whats the difference between professional and personal LOC (or if there is any difference?) Thanks for your help!
  4. Friend in Manitoba stated they won't be pulled under any circumstance and will push through. However, he stated there is talk in the provincial government out there to pull them if students and residents start going down with COVID en masse. Already know of a few cases so you never know...
  5. This needs to be taken in context though...Trump grew his base in terms of non-white voters including Latinos and Asians, now putting the house at play in 2022. And suburban voters who are anti-Trump are still voting Republican down ballot since as PA/OH/WI/FL voters put it, there is too much socialism in the Democratic party. I don't think America is ready for any major changes in the next 5 years, we may see the status quo return with moderate policies but I do not expect a major tax plan to pass, no "defund the police", minimal movement on climate change and healthcare (you can bet the repu
  6. What is concerning more than anything is he lost by slim margins in multiple states, so there is anti-democrat sentiment and anti-progressive sentiment in the US. A bunch of house democrats were tossed for republicans due to the progressive sentiment and associations with "defund the police" and "tuition-free education, higher taxes". Their needs to be a delicate balance in the messaging otherwise in 2024, another Trump-like figure could step up and actually win due to the hate against progressives and socialism. Also, I don't know about how much Biden can accomplish and that is no fault of hi
  7. Yes he lost today but the Trump brand still won at the end of the day...4 years of presidency, 3 supreme court nominees, remade NAFTA to USMCA, democrats lost a bunch of house seats, republican senate control even after messing up everything he did and after all the chaos, tweets and nonsense he did in 4 years, he still got 70 million+ votes with increased support in non-white voters (Latinos, Asians, etc). In no way do I support the man or brand but to think the amount of damage he has done in 4 years and his brand will continue for the next 10+ years, Trump lost today but his brand won for t
  8. GF bought a brand new 2018 Range Rover Discovery sport prior to the start of clerkship. She's always into sporty cars and loved having something she could drive to/from sites. But as others have mentioned, it depends on your debt tolerance and financial situation. GF parents are staff physicians, so even though she paid for it, she didn't have to pay for living expenses or tuition so her only med school expense was her car.
  9. Financially, for OP it would make sense even after overhead being 250k. Obviously OP needs to clarify what six figures is but I'm assuming in the low 100s, so having a ~2.5x increase in salary is financially benefitting, even after 6 years of school/residency. The barrier I would see is investing the schooling time and going through CaRMS but family medicine with no substantial geographic limitations has really good odds to match as a CMG.
  10. In Canada for PAs? No better than it is today. There's all this talk and advocacy for the profession but nothing ever happens. People have been waiting for regulation and recognition for years yet nothing has occurred. Sure being a PA is great with a good work/life balance but positions are usually contracted in ON, there are funding issues in MB (heard from a friend C/O 2020 which graduated in June still has multiple people unemployed), and barely any jobs outside MB/ON. You really have to sell yourself and after paying 40-50k for a degree with no stable job prospects, got to rethink your car
  11. LOCs should be around 350K, can get you a decent house or a condo. You can use that LOC for a lot of things, vacationing, cars, houses, etc. Seen a lot of people blow it on things they don't need but hey when you have a 350K unsecured LOC, might as well live it up lol
  12. Comparing to NPs here, we should add in PAs. They obviously don’t practice everywhere in Canada but having PAs pre tax making 150k after 6 years of practice with a pension and benefits is pretty good I’d say for the schooling and hours of work. Top salary PA in Manitoba makes 220k with benefits and pension in cardiology with 16 years experience and a 9-5 type job, I’d say it’s a good salary when comparing to the avg physicians in family medicine
  13. Does that mean you get to keep the LOC for life? With the CCs/account type fees waived indefinitely?
  14. I've withdrawn from 2 professional school programs in the past and had to declare that on the OMSAS/ORPAS application. It gave me space to explain why I did but I do not believe it had an impact on my application since I was admitted to PT and MD. My friend was dismissed from an Masters program and was still admitted to an Ontario MD school. You'll need to explain yourself on the application though and be descriptive.
  15. covid is temporary...it will pass within 2 years and things will stabilize. Will dentistry be the same? Prob but you'll see way more corporate dentistry clinics than now. Covid has only helped corporate offices expand since they have the capital to benefit from a pandemic. If you think you'll be making "bank", good luck competing with the corporate field and established dentists, especially in urban areas. There will always be a need for dentists but with continued equivalency exams, foreign trained dentists will continue saturating the market and be the biggest threat to the profession. Covid
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