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  1. From what I remember hearing, it should be coming in around 9PM. Don't worry, in the meanwhile just make sure all your other documents are in order!
  2. Does capser send test results straight to McGill after they are done being marked? The reason I am asking is because I wrote my test on Oct 14th, 2018 and my results are still pending which means my online web app still shows they have not received or processed my casper score. Just a little worried since the deadline is tonight, and the casper score is all I'm missing lol
  3. Thanks, I think I might as well! Do you know if academic context also considers full course load and such? I've always taken five courses a semester (never taken summer school for a certain course to lighten my load)
  4. Hey everyone! I know these chance me type posts are pretty looked down upon but I just wanted to get a good sense if I should apply to McGill or not. My CGPA with McGill is 3.83 with my option 2 science prereq at around 3.93. I have pretty great ECs, played american football (team captain) for almost 10 years, played ultimate frisbee, have about 1.5 years of research experience (got an acknowledgement on a paper), research award (basically NSERC but for glycobiology), a lot of volunteer opportunities in my old neighborhood (daycares, clothing drives, teaching STEM to racialized youth o
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