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  1. You’ll get a job out of school, but likely part-time and in the range of 38-40 an hour. The job growth in BC is 4% and 0% in the US, which is below the average for all professions.
  2. Pharmacy isn't the only professional program I've applied to. I would say I am most passionate about pharmacy, but will probably go with my other option because of the job market uncertainty. Its still not that bad of a career choice, if I didn't have an option I wouldn't be so hesitant.
  3. The interview wasn't bad. My concern is the future of pharmacy, there was even a question about where the profession is headed lol. What do you guys think? Seems like a risky investment based on what pharmacists I know have told me.
  4. Hey! I'm looking to apply this year as well. I'm currently at SFU and have a B/B+ average GPA, which worries me of my chances of getting in. Does anyone want to share their GPA, and which school they go to? According to this conversion table, I'm looking at about 75% in a percentage scale.
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