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  1. Some schools are more open to different degree paths so look into those and in pretty sure even the ones who care want 2 years of full time studies at some point... There lots of options out there I wouldn't worry
  2. It's not about living with parents and not having bills a lot of people work and manage full time course loads... And also bills don't go away because it's a master's degree so you have to show you can make it through the program... And if you need more time to figure out what you want to do it's outside your degree and won't affect your application... In the end the they're training professionals and they would hate to waste the space on someone who can't handle the heat
  3. Can't really blame them taking the applicants that show the ability to handle a full course load at the undergraduate level means your selected cohort can handle the program... If you had to extend your degree for reasons such as caring for a family or other extenuating circumstances they have forms you can fill out to explain the reason... They just don't want people who could barely handle a bachelor's to enter into a program they might not be up for academically.
  4. It depends if you did it after completing your degree and simply taking extra classes or if you took 5 years to complete your degree. If you took classes after graduation it's not the same
  5. From my experiences with NOSM med applications they recieved about 500 additional applications (almost 2000 instead of 1500 or something like that)
  6. I applied to all but UofT and got emails from all but Queen's. Ottawa, Westen and mac all emailed me
  7. Absolutely already do and I'm a big fan btw. I'd love if you could answer a few questions. 1. Any plans on interviewing student from other programs in Ontario and 2. Are certain programs better regarded in the eyes of employers. Just trying to have better idea of what programs have to offer.
  8. Fantastic I have been watching for over a year now simply looking for other school perspectives such as mac and western
  9. To say that it's unfair because you can't find a quiet space I think is false if you absolutely could not find a way to get a room to yourself at home it's understandable. Not everyone has the luxury of living in a detached house no neighbors etc... However most community libraries should be able to offer you a quiet space free of charge. If you have concentration issues (ADD, ADHD etc...) the Casper team actually allows certain accomodations for those conditions if you communicate with them. Saying it's unfair to people who have hard time typing it's like saying interviews are unfair to those
  10. CASPer is how they tend to replace the logistical nightmare that is interviews. If you think about it yeah Casper is 100+$ but imagine having to interview for 4 or 5 schools and travel to each it comes up to a boat load more.... Ottawa's language tests on the other hand completely ridiculous. I completed a bilingual BSc program at a bilingual university with a bilingual certification on my degree and they still want me to pass language tests... That's the real money grab considering its almost more than Casper
  11. Wondering if there are any current/past PT or OT students still on the forum that could shed light on their experience in different rehab programs in Ontario and across the country. A lot of first time applicants haven't had the chance to tour schools attend open house or even visit the cities they might end up in. And they probably won't get the chance. Hoping to get more information out there so that we have as much information as possible when it comes time to make a choice. Hope to hear from all the rehab students out there
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