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  1. I’m heading to UofT this September and I did not have a 3.94 average. I had a great DAT though. If your GPA is on the lower end, aim for a great DAT.
  2. Yes you need to have either completed your undergrad or be in your fourth year upon applying. Here is their admissions site where you can check for any further info! https://www.schulich.uwo.ca/med_dent_admissions/dentistry/admission_requirements.html
  3. To current dental students, I’m considering purchasing something new for school for studying and note-taking. My notes were primarily hand-written in undergrad so I’m thinking of going digital with an iPad and pen combo. I have a 4-year old laptop that still works well so I figured I could use that for online tests and programs that aren’t supported by the iPad. I’m also considering a Surface Pro of some sort as a hybrid between a laptop and tablet with which I can just replace my older laptop entirely. Any recommendations would be much appreciated, thanks!
  4. Hey everyone. I’ll be heading to UofT this fall and was wondering how people minimize their debt through school? Is it possible to work at all (like one day/half-day on the weekend, or something online) to help with rent and if so do you recommend it? Also, once graduated how do people go about paying this off, considering competition and s*********. Dentistry has always been a field that I wanted to work in, but I would be lying if I said the massive investment did not have me second-guessing my choice. I also have considered med, and I can see myself switching to that route after a year
  5. Accepted GPA: 3.9 AA/PAT: 24/27 Interview: dropped my nerves and just went in with confidence, walked out feeling great!
  6. The dental students at the interview told me the 28th as well.
  7. Rankings weren’t released last year but some people who managed to call admissions were informed that there were 45 people total on the list
  8. Over 200 interviewed, 96 accepted and around 45 waitlisted from last year I believe
  9. Toronto doesn’t ask about ECs. As of this year they do however require a personal statement, where in which you can touch on your ECs if you’d like. Western has an autobiographical sketch, but they only care about stuff you’ve done since you started university though. ECs you’ve only done during high school aren’t applicable.
  10. Definitely shadow for the sake of getting a feel for the career. As for schools, Western does have a section in their autobiographical sketch that asks you to list any dentistry/shadowing experience, but virtually no other Canadian school asks for it.
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