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  1. Did any of you guys get accepted to the USASK college of dentistry ? Are you declining after med acceptances come out and paying the deposit? Or wanting to pursue dentistry if accepted or not for med?
  2. Given the current pandemic situation, the Canadian Dental Association is not able to safely offer the Manual Dexterity section for the November 2020 DAT. Therefore, the Manual Dexterity section will not be included in the evaluation of applicants for the 2021 admission cycle. Applicants will still need to present a minimum score of 15/30 in each of the Reading & Comprehension and Perceptual Ability sections. The November 2020 DAT will be considered for Fall 2021 admission. What UofA released
  3. Its on the selection criteria PDF on the website (although it doesn't say anything about CASPer on main page) CASPer has 0% weight in the application, it's for research purposes, it HAS to be done by November 19th It does not replace the interview and USASK still requires DAT
  4. USASK is adding CASPer as a requirement! Its not on the website yet, i asked when deadline is and if its suppose to replace interview!
  5. Just so you guys are aware, McGill University-Faculty of Dentistry announced today that they will not require the DAT for 2021 Fall admissions. Who knows what the other dental schools will do Registration for the CDAT is August 31 as of now although it was July 15 then August 15th.
  6. I think they'll come next week, cause this week was only orientation and possibly 1-2 days of classes. Not looking like anyone is going to drop dentistry. Even did you see nursing hasn't made it through the top ten, I don't know why no waitlists are moving this year.....
  7. Did you do a soap a week? or How long did you prep carving the soaps, the DAT is almost 3 weeks later this year so just want an idea to buy 12 or 24 and the DAT prep kit has 6 included i believe.
  8. Ive taken the DAT, but retaking and doing MDT, wondering where people bought their soap. Did you just buy the 6 packs from CDA website 6 soaps for $40 Or there is a website that sells DAT soap carving https://www.datsoapcarving.ca/soaps.php and it's 12 soaps for $55 or 24 soaps for $98. Has anyone bought from them ??? Id just like some reviews or even how many soaps you went through practicing ?
  9. Yeah these past 2 days have been hard, just knowing that there is no chance anymore! I'm defiantly looking into other schools to apply to next year, and boosting my DAT for more security. Everyone who was waitlisted, we truly deserve a pat on the back for dealing with all the shit from admissions this year.... having people get in that were below us, lied to, no contact and having our interview opportunity taken away from us. Truly hope that we get what we all deserve next year, whether it be that we get into dentistry or find another program/job that fits us better. I try to
  10. Why are the college in general talking to dean and admissions, can you expand?? I do agree we should wait til maybe Wednesday of next week because with Canada Day many did take week off or wednesday-sunday off @c5555
  11. The things is how do we all talk to the dean? Write him an email and all sign off on it ? I just think hearing and seeing acceptances from people who aren’t top third off waitlist is wrong, them not emailing a new method of Offers is wrong and not returning phone calls or emails 48 hours after is unprofessional. I called back in May and still haven’t got a call back !
  12. Are you accepted, or waitlisted, i heard people got intel a bit saying lectures are online and labs are in person possibly.
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