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  1. Has anyone talked to Admissions lately to see how much movement there's been in the last month?
  2. I emailed yesterday (June 13) to submit my final transcript and also inquired about the waitlist position. This was the reply: "To date we have only admitted 20-30 people off the waitlist and you are still in the bottom third". I was originally in the lower half, so I'm not thinking it will get to me, but fortunately I have an offer from another university that I've accepted. Best of luck to everyone!
  3. Hey, If you've completed courses since applying to ORPAS, then yes you need to send them the final transcript. I emailed them to ask about this a couple weeks ago and you do need to request it from whichever university you took the courses at and then have it sent directly to the same ORPAS address to had your Bachelor's transcript sent to.
  4. @OThopefully thanks for sharing this info! Do you know if she means when they went down 15 spots that all of those 15 accepted their offer or that's just how far down they've gone in terms of offering to people (if that makes sense). I'm guessing things will start to move more after the end of the month when the Ontario deadline passes. Do you mind sharing how many people were ahead of you?
  5. Waitlisted for OT at UofA (lower half) and Western (top third)
  6. Thanks! I'm really just hoping to get off of UofA's OT waitlist. Hoping it starts to move now!
  7. I've still got absolutely nothing in ORPAS but got emails from UofT and Western
  8. @OThopefully any idea of how people in the lower half of the waitlist usually fare?
  9. @OThopefully that's interesting that they told you about being in the second quarter! I might have to try and call and see if they'll give me that information. When I emailed before they only said if I was in the top or lower half.
  10. do you know if you're in the upper or lower half of the UofA waitlist?
  11. Thanks for the update! I was told I'm in the lower half so not feeling very hopeful haha
  12. Thanks for offering your insight! Wondering how you found the anatomy portion of the program? Coming from someone who has zero anatomy background from undergrad.
  13. I know the email said they don't disclose wait list position, but I looked through the threads on here from last year and it sounds like people went ahead and emailed anyway and were told whether they were in the top half (1-49) or bottom half (50-100). Has anyone done this?
  14. Hi everyone, I received an email today that I'm on the waitlist for UofA OT so just wanted to start a thread so we can see how the waitlist moves! Good luck to everyone!
  15. I applied to UofA for OT! They are my first choice so it's definitely hard to wait this long. It sounds like you have great experience so hopefully you have a good chance!
  16. Nothing on this end. Fingers crossed for other schools!
  17. Also received the waitlist emails from McMaster and playing the waiting game! If anything, it gave me confidence that my application is in fact competitive as I wait to hear from the other schools, as you guys mentioned too! Good luck to everyone.
  18. I just got my email from UBC this morning that my application was unsuccessful so the emails are on the way! Good luck to everyone!
  19. Ah okay, I missed that part on the page. Good find! Hopefully we should be okay then. Thanks!
  20. I was just about to ask this exact same thing! I have nothing listed under my test scores in the documents, but when I emailed CASPer they said my scores have been sent to all my requested schools. When did you write the test?
  21. Wondering if anyone has experience submitting a French transcript from a Quebec university for an OT application... I took a summer semester at University of Quebec (specifically with the Explore French language program) and had credit transferred back to my undergrad at UBC. Because the transfer credit is on my UBC transcript, I think it's necessary to submit my UQAC transcript with my OT application, however, the transcript is in French. UBC's OT webpage says specifically that if the transcript is in a language other than it needs to be sent for credential evaluating. I'm also planning to
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