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  1. first, it's already quite saturated in the busy parts of the country. im not sure how much influence the Canadian dental association has on the creation of new schools, but since these associations are probably funded heavily by practicing dentists themselves, there's no incentive for them to promote the creation of new schools that would only increase saturation and hurt their own bottom line. if anything, the canadian dental association probably pressures large universities against it, instead. second, starting a dental school is very, very expensive. i can imagine the total equipment
  2. depending on the format of the application, if you can list them all separately, do so. just make sure you use the space given to explain how each poster/presentation might differ from one another. even if the topic was more or less the same, the nature of each event you presented at was probably different (maybe one was for gene editing specifically, but another one just wanted posters about gene sequencing in general, etc) so you can list them separately and have a rationale for each one.
  3. my suggestion would be to take the 5th year and focus on the mcat this summer. i wouldn't advise taking 4 courses while studying for it. you've demonstrated that your GPA is high, so maintaining that in a 5th year shouldn't be a problem for you. the only real problem i see here is the time spent doing the 5th year - but you can use that entire year to better other parts of your application. a year will fly by much faster than you think. there's no stigma at all towards doing a 5th year.
  4. Pardon ma mauvaise traduction: Mon ami possède une clinique dans laquelle travaillent deux podologues associés. Je pense qu'il gagne plus de 250000 $ (mais il est essentiellement un homme d'affaires et ne fait pas beaucoup de podiatrie lui-même). Je pense qu'un podiatre gagnerait environ 100 000 $ la première année? Ne me cite pas là-dessus :)
  5. Stay positive friends! i guess the mcat is a bit more consistent compared to stuff like this. maybe the CDA's gotta revamp a few things about their scaling criteria...
  6. I would agree with you for literally any program but that one I know a boatload of Mac life sci graduates in a variety of professional programs (I do think the majority are in med though). the health sci kids have it easier (statistically) but i don't think anything about Mac should hold you back from being accepted.
  7. i don't think oral surgery will be 'hit the hardest', but i do think that specialties in dent may have a hard(er) time finding patients in the future. You can blame Continuing Education courses for generalists, the perception of different costs in going to a GP vs a specialist for a procedure, etc... but in the end, i think it's all about what services patients can get for the dollar they're willing to pay. imo dent is a pretty specialized field (even if you look at a GP) and the general public knowledge of oral healthcare isn't really all that in-depth. at the same time, i think the aver
  8. I know of students who were accepted in the past year at UofT with a ~3.7 GPA, and had a 2 year thesis-based research Master's. From what I know, UofT dent doesn't actually weigh the DAT components too heavily - so I would focus more on GPA-boosting (doing 5th year, doing a research based Master's, etc) instead of re-writing the DAT over and over.
  9. Pardonnez ma mauvaise traduction, mais: Votre GPA (3.985) est-il sur 4? Si tel est le cas, je pense que vous avez une chance d'être accepté tant que vos autres composants de l'application sont solides. Attendez vos scores DAT et vous aurez une meilleure idée de vos chances.
  10. I think I would be wary of saying that it's not 'valuable research.' I can understand that it might be daunting (and frustrating) to see someone that appears to be a complete outlier compared to their peers. Adcoms will indeed read through applications to the best of their ability - if they notice an applicant with an irregular number of publications at a younger age, it would obviously be scrutinized more heavily than, say, a 4th year applicant with 1 publication. At that point, whether or not they deem their research as 'valuable' or not is completely to their discretion. I would just be cau
  11. I think the biggest thing for me (not just in school) was making sure you planned a schedule and stuck with it. I remember planning in advance being like: 'the physiology midterm is exactly 2 weeks away, which gives me 14 days to study' 'there are 12 lecture powerpoints on the midterm, with a total of 316 slides to understand and *maybe* memorize' 'that means i'll need to review at least 23 slides a day, every day, starting today' 'perhaps I should study 30 slides a day, just to be safe in case something comes up' I think that when you break it down like that, i
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