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  1. My sister's coworker's son got accepted into Dentistry, paid deposit and everything but he then got into Medicine and said yes to Med. This applicant is IP so that's atleast one person from the IP waitlist that should've gotten (or will get) an offer.
  2. I am in middle third so definitely not keeping my hopes high. It's okay, it was my first time applying and I am 3rd year anyways so I don't think I will be too sad about it haha.
  3. Just based on people on this forum and talking to a few of my friends, there's 11 people I am counting on the IP waitlist so far. Pretty sure this represents like half of the actual amount; Anyone know IP people accepted that will probably deny their seat if they get into Med or something? That's kind of my only hope at this point
  4. Congrats! That's really interesting about the lower OOP academic average. Cause so many IPs are waitlisted at his point, So I am wondering if the 12 spots that are reserved for anyone (both OOP and IP regardless of residency) will see some IP movement as well.
  5. I heard that it's around 15. But man, the smaller the better so I really hope you're right on this.
  6. Also, has anyone not been waitlisted and just received a rejection? I am curious as to how many people they are waitlisting? Or are they putting everyone who didn't get accepted on the waitlist?
  7. Hey, do you mind sharing your stats? I am curious if they are putting everyone on the waitlist or do u know if theres a set amount of people allowed to be on the waitlist?
  8. Thank you! I have a 86 average with 23 AA and 18 PAT (lol, I know). Wbu?
  9. Hey, are you an IP or OOP applicant?
  10. I have a 86 average with 23 AA and 18 PAT (lol, I know). Let me know what part of the waitlist you are one on when Admissions get back to u
  11. That's awesome! Congrats! Will you be accepting the offer?
  12. Yeah I emailed. Did you get accepted? If so, do you mind sharing your stats? I just kind of want to get a feel for how brutal the cycle was lol
  13. Also does anyone know approximately how many people are waitlisted per year? Also when is the deadline to accept? There will likely be a fair bit of waitlist movement once College of Medicine releases their results.
  14. Hey guys, has anyone received their acceptance or waitlist or rejection letter yet for Usask Dentistry? If so, please mention whether you are IP or OP and what your application status is, and whether or not you will be accepting the offer (if you got an acceptance). I just received mine at 2 am today (April 13) and I am an IP applicant, I got waitlisted.
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