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  1. I attended the WebEx thing they had the other day and kept emphasizing that you need to complete your degree within 5 years. Just something to keep in mind I guess
  2. Hey, I am thinking about this again. I don't see how it's fair, for example if: Applicant A: 1 sibling, makes 20k, parents make 20k each = 60k Applicant B: 5 siblings, each making 20k + parents 20k each = 140k How do they account for the applicant B that has more siblings making their family income over the 80k threshold?
  3. for anyone on the waitlist: what are your stats?
  4. Out of curiosity, does anyone know who and/or how many people comprises the "Admissions Committee"?
  5. I have emailed them and unfortunately they gave me a blanket response saying that they will not respond to inquiries about how the DSAAP is “interpreted”, which is a bit concerning! To be fair, I just looked over the info document and it now has a bit more information on it. But I also seem to never be able to get a response from them other than “please refer to information document”.
  6. Hi, I’m looking at the DSAAP requirements. For calculation of Family income, it says that family (biological parents and/or guardians and/or siblings can be involved). I have 4 siblings. So for the calculation of gross family income over 5 years, does that mean it would include the income of both my parents, and also my 4 siblings? Also, it mentions the 5years post high school. If I graduated in 2010, would the 5 years considered be 2010-2015 or 2015-2020? The admissions office won’t answer my questions regarding this. thanks for any in
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