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    Blankbla reacted to zoxy in How exactly does one get a 98.6% two year average?   
    USask used to be MCAT optional and would take people after two years of undergrad. One of the reasons they were put on probation regarding accredition in 2013 was because getting in was about gaming the system to get a high GPA rather than taking actually smart people. Some folks wouldn't declare a major and just take easy courses in addition to the prereqs to maximize their odds of getting in, so the entering average were super inflated. The median entering average in 2012 was a 89.9 for comparison.
    They reintroduced the MCAT and mandated a four year degree in I think 2016 so they could get accredited again and did away with prereqs. While  university grades have increased overall, the entering average has dropped because of the MCAT and mandating a four year degree.
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    I am thinking about this again. I don't see how it's fair, for example if:
    Applicant A: 1 sibling, makes 20k, parents make 20k each = 60k
    Applicant B: 5 siblings, each making 20k + parents 20k each = 140k
    How do they account for the applicant B that has more siblings making their family income over the 80k threshold?
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