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  1. Hey guys! I hope you are doing great. I was wondering if someone can guide me on how to approach the personal activities section. A brief background: I applied this year for the first time to U of A and U of C and was able to get an interview at U of C (Rejected post-interview). However, I didn't get an interview from U of A and scored very low on Personal activities section. I tried to mention the significance of each activity but I guess that didn't help. Are you supposed to just mention the description of each activity like the instructions say and not worry about the significance? An
  2. Thank you. So you just keep holding it or you put it in your pocket? Sorry for the silly questions. This is my first time interviewing and I am nervous as hell.
  3. Hey guys, I am interviewing on March 16 and was wondering if you are allowed to bring a water bottle with you or will it be provided. If we are allowed to bring it, do we just keep it in our pockets? Thanks in advance
  4. So, how did you guys find the interview day experience?
  5. Invite (IP) GPA= 3.76 UG in progress (4th year) MCAT = 515 (126 cars) EC = research, research awards, volunteering in the emergency department and also wrote about a couple of personal experiences First time applying and after receiving a rejection from U of A, I was pretty devastated but really thankful for this opportunity.
  6. Time Stamp: 10:02 amResult: RejectGPA: 3.76MCAT: 515Current Degree: UGGeography (IP/OOP): IPExtracurricular Activities (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.): Two summer studentships, Couple of research Awards, Hospital volunteering and one other volunteering, Academic Awards etc. Casper: Felt ok First time applying. Absolutely gutted. Haven't been able to think straight since I got the email.
  7. This is strange because as I understand, all the referees must be contacted prior to the interview. One of my referees was not contacted and when I asked the admission committee, they told me that all referees must be contacted and advised me to send an email with the information of the referee (which was strange because the information was entered correctly in the application). So, I did that and they told me that they were in the process of reviewing some responses and were going to send another batch of emails in the week of Jan 14. My referee finally received an email last week.
  8. I asked the admission office and they said that the interview invites will be sent in the second week of February. Just wanted to let you guys know.
  9. I got rejected as well but my stats are nowhere close to yours ( OP, 515, 3.76/4). All I can say is that you should not give up and I am pretty sure you will get interviews from other schools. You have definitely worked extremely hard as is evident from your stats. Don't lose hope my friend and good Luck!
  10. Hey there. I took the MCAT this summer and I can assure you that you will be doing yourself a huge favor by taking Chem 353. My MCAT exam had a lot of organic chemistry on it and the knowledge of chem 353 definitely helped me. I know CHEM 353 can be hard but taking it is totally worth it.
  11. What was the reason for your rejection as stated in your decision letter?
  12. Would not make sense to contact all the verifiers of about 2000 applicants. But then again U Alberta doesn't provide us this information for some reason.
  13. One of my referees has also not been contacted and when I asked Ualberta, they said that the referees will be contacted till mid-December.
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