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  1. Ok. It's a horror story: I failed my first semester of undergrad. I recently failed a semester. I read in other places that failing even 1 class is terrible, but I failed 4, and I just completed my first year. Currently, I have 32 half-year courses left to complete. Can I salvage this of is there nothing I can do to salvage it? Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Just to clarify: all of the courses I'm enrolled in, in their outline, tell the students that to do well 2-3 hours of study per every hour of class time is recommended. I'm in class 12 hours/week, so, according to the recommendations, I should be studying 36 hours/week. MINIMUM To me, that seemed a bit ridiculous, so I wanted to get the experience of current med students/pre-meds. Did anyone that got med school level GPAs ever have to study that much during undergrad?
  3. It's not a troll, but it is pretty crazy, isn't it? I worked precarious temp jobs in the GTA for the past few years, so my eating/sleep/gym schedule is the most normal and appealing for me. I'll probably cut the study time in half. Other than the ridiculous study time/commute time, everything else may as well be my summer schedule only difference is that I sleep from 2-10 everyday to maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Never understood the purpose of trolling. Tried it once when I was 17, never saw the appeal.
  4. Hi, I'm an undergrad that works 24 hrs on the weekend as and the nature of my job allows me to study 7 h both days, however, to make up the recommended 3 hours of study/1 hour of class I get this monstrosity of a schedule below. I think the hours tally 40 h/week without classes. Does/did anyone else have such a ridiculous schedule or do I not need that amount of studying to do well in undergrad. I tried the search, but it was unhelpful. p.s. I know that the level of studying required differs per individual, but I'm just looking for an average. This isn't even a full course load and
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