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  1. probably 2-3 days before the deadline.... dont remember exactly.
  2. Some of mine were contacted today and I got asked to clarify dates for activities. Im an in province applicant.
  3. thanks for your reply, I realized that I calculated UoT GPA incorrectly I deleted one full course year (AKA all of first year) but I didn't realize that their adjustment eliminates 5 of your lowest full course equivalents. After doing this correctly, my newly calculated UoT GPA is 3.89.
  4. Hello everyone, I am thinking about applying to medical Schools next year and ui was wondering if some people with knowledge of the system could share their thoughts on the situation which I am currently in -- let me lay it out for you. I've done some preliminary research and decided I'm competitive at four schools (UBC, Queens, UoT, and Western) MCAT: 511 (129,125,130,127) Residency: BC resident, however I am also a SWOMAN applicant for UWO as I did four years of high school in South Western Ontario UBC Adjusted grade: 88.6% Queens GPA 3.93 UWO GPA: 3.93 U
  5. Hey everyone, so, unfortunately, I did not receive any interviews this application cycle. While disappointed, I am not all that surprised. I thought I had a good chance at western, but times change and ill be back next year. I the mean-time I'm thinking about what i will do to make myself a better applicant and i am open to others opinions. Year: 4th year Bsch Geography: Ontario, SWOMEN year one GPA: 3.34 Year two GPA: 3.45 Year three GPA: 3.84 Year four GPA: 4.00 MCAT #1: 498 MCAT #2: 511 (129, 125, 130, 127) I'm open to many ideas. I've cons
  6. What do you mean that the calming effect of being SWOMEN is also diminished?
  7. Hello, I am in the same boat as you OP. I've applied for this current bout of applications. I have one year which meets the GPA cutoff (3.85) -- although one of the semesters from this year was on exchange. I had a WES course-by-course evaluation done and western assured this semester could be used in my GPA calculation. I think I wrote a solid ABS -- talked mainly about activities in southwestern Ontario and London in particular. ECs are also good I think; lots of community involvement and research. I am also SWOMEN and have met the MCAT cutoff. My score was 384 in the first thr
  8. the file size was not the issue. I did mine on preview on my mac when it should have been done in adobe.
  9. Hello, I was asked to resubmit my ABS and I did meet all of last years cutoffs. Why do you ask?
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