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  1. I'm moving from Alberta to Ontario for med 1 (uOttawa) in September. I was just wondering if I should apply to OSAP or Alberta Student Aid to get my student loans given I'm an Alberta resident but will be doing my degree in Ontario.
  2. -You are a student in the university’s elevator with your professor. Your supervisor, who is grading your final exam, makes a racist comment about an Aboriginal student in the presence of other members of the public in the elevator. However, there are no Aboriginal people in the elevator. What do you do?
  3. What are some good examples of current event topics that could possibly be asked this year during the MMI’s
  4. What is the selection like post-interview for uOttawa? Some sources say it’s 100% interview and others say it’s 50% gpa 50% interview. Also is it different for french stream or CNFS?
  5. Anyone looking to practice for panel interviews in Edmonton?
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