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  1. @frenchpress Oh my goodness! This looks like an excellent resource! Perhaps even better than what I was looking for THANK-YOU!!
  2. Wondering if anyone has come across a good resource for symptom terminology, ideally organized by body system. I'm ideally looking for something that isn't filled with a lot of other medical terminology, but rather focuses on symptoms. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  3. Student loan balance confirmation it pretty standard I think. For me, it was more that they kept adding extra things that I had to provide (even after I signed)... I even had to re-sign some of the docs because they filled them out wrong ... someone was filling in for their normal rep and it became obvious that they were really learning on the job. But now that it’s all said and done it wasn’t a great experience, but it did all work out. Moral of the story: make sure whoever you deal with is a healthcare advisor and deals regularly with these types of LOCs!
  4. I was told it’s an 8” iPad and 30k Avion points (10k bonus)... I am sure most banks will have something similar to sweeten the deal! PS - It’s effective next Wednesday
  5. So bizarre! Only a handful of people actually process these applications at each bank, so you may have spoken to someone who wasn’t completely familiar with it. If you are in the Vancouver area, I met with Byron at the RBC at Cambie & Broadway and he was fantastic. His email is byron.david@rbc.com.
  6. They will accept just your offer letter and proof that you paid your deposit. I found out that while RBC is $275k up front, they extend another $50-75k as a separate professional LOC when you start residency.
  7. Just a heads up ... if you are looking for your LOC, RBC has an offer coming out next Thursday. Also, based on my experience so far, RBC service has been superior to Scotia .... That said, it’s mostly because my Scotia experience has been a disaster ... They have new people looking after their healthcare products at the moment and I don’t know what exactly is going on, but there seems to be a lapse in communication between them and their credit department. Could also be an isolated event - not completely sure. In any case, I hope this saves some of you the headache that I have been experiencin
  8. Just my two cents for what it is worth ... I have been married for 12 years ... It sounds like he has pretty much said he will be miserable in BC... You will have so much on your plate with medical school, that in my opinion, you don’t want that additional stress and anxiety! Let it end peacefully now as opposed to an ugly break-up during the middle of medical school. You don’t want the burden of asking someone to sacrifice their dream ... you have your own dream to follow! If he does decide to join you here, make sure it is very clear that you don’t want to have his decision used as “emotiona
  9. For anyone who was curious, I was offered UBC (VFMP) and have accepted! Thanks to everyone for all your input, it really did help make my decision a lot easier.
  10. Result: Accepted (VFMP) Early or Regular Deadline: Regular Timestamp: 11:56 am PST AGPA: ~87% MCAT: 509 Year: Hons. BSc. 2018 Geography: IP Interview: I thought it went well overall, but it was definitely not exactly what I expected. I had done a lot of preparation, but somehow nothing compares to your actual MMI. It went by so quickly and I had a terrible head cold at the time, so I was sniffling and coughing in between stations!
  11. I just declined my offer - OOP. Best of luck!
  12. Are those old stats? Because if you get in, you don’t know what your scores are Edit: yes obviously a troll, didn’t read the EC’s until just now. #karma
  13. I’m quite confident we could make it work long distance for 3 years - we have been together for 17 years. It’s not ideal, but we would make it work. With respect to commuting, I’ve done it many times in my life for work and I am a firm believer that you should live close to where you work (or study). For me it makes a big difference in terms of quality of life.
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