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  1. I really liked it! I went to may at mac yesterday and spoke with some students and I particularly like the way they described the community + interactions with teachers. I like the program’s focus on writing and argumentation but I’m worried about the nature of the program itself as I’ve always been more science-inclined and I tend to do a lot better with those subjects.
  2. Hi all, I received my offer of acceptance at Western MedSci back in December and didn’t really consider Mac ArtSci + Health Sci considering their competitive nature. Though I got rejected from Health Sci, I recently got accepted at ArtSci. I was wondering if there was anybody currently in the ArtSci program who could speak on their experience or anybody currently in medical school that have graduated from ArtSci. Would ArtSci be a good program as a pre-med? I was planning on combining it with Biochem but I am still slightly worried. MedSci is a lot more specialized
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