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  1. The med interviews are MMI only as well. UofC is a mix of MMI, panel, and some other stuff.
  2. UAlberta Dentistry uses MMI only, they outline the process clearly on the website. No panels!
  3. Be careful mate. I would consult with students who have completed a US Dental degree and are swimming in debt. Getting advice on a predent forum is a good first step but do your research!
  4. Bruh the only thing CDA told you was "The scores you have received is based on your performance during the Nov. 2018 DAT exam" Haha nobody is complaining dood, everyone is just wondering why the scale was messed up!
  5. Be careful taking the above inflated figures at face value ^ , you need to get lucky to make that. 1st year associates in city large cities are usually 90 - 100k
  6. CDA respond to anyone? They ghosted me. Sounds like one person in this thread got a pretty meaningless response.
  7. Hold your heads high everyone, it isn't your fault the CDA decided to recalibrate the curve this year. Sometimes I wonder if the people who make these decisions know how much they can put people's mental health in danger. Bottom line is it is unfortunate this cohort of people has to deal with this situation. I wish you all luck.
  8. I just know they look closely at the science scores, and in this case it is not working in anyone's favour.
  9. I feel so bad for the UBC kids haha. RIP with this scale
  10. I just requested they send the percentile chart to the Canadian Dental Schools so they are aware. I highly doubt they will change any numbers.
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