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  1. Sure does take 4 years and the doctor shortage is chronic and independent of COVID. Covid just made it worse. Let's not get started on how the government spends our money. Suffice it to say Canadians would not be opposed to the benefits to their care that having more doctors would offer.
  2. I've heard it's the same here from schools that provide that sort of info- substantial increases in the number of applicants compared to last year ...which just means more competition and the likelihood of acceptance is ever lower than it was previously. Anyone else find it ironic that we are going to the extremes of curfews to protect the system, when there are more and more of us who would give our eye teeth to help, which would in turn, alleviate the strain? But I digress.
  3. A poster did, on Jan 5 and said he /she would update us if an answer was received, but I assume there was no reply from Mac
  4. Perhaps unlike you, I 'seriously understand' that there are universities which continued to award grades in the spring of 2020, and that others offered the choice between grades, CR or NCR. Others yet awarded only pass/ fail. It is this inconsistency, and the fact that some programs are using spring 2020 grades (when they are available) for GPA calculations and others are not that forms the basis of the suit which some of you have DMd me about (thank you for that). Lastly, where did I suggest it would make sense, or that I'd 'prefer' that upcoming semesters not be graded?
  5. Many current med applicants were told that as a result of COVID, we would either not receive grades for the uni term January- April 2020, or, if we did, that they would not be considered during the assessment of our applications. Unis are now back to giving grades-despite COVID persisting. Why grades now but no grades then? If you know your GPA was negatively affected because you either weren't provided grades, or if you were awarded grades but they were not counted, feel free to comment. I am trying to get a sense of how many of us were negatively affected by this decision.
  6. Well, given that in my dream the offers are going to the tallest first , no. (Unless the rest of y'all suffer from dwarfism, of course.)
  7. 30 year grad/ practitioner, former uni instructor and ad com member here, borrowing a member's account to comment. Let me say that from every aforementioned perspective of mine, passion in applicants and practitioners is key- our patients deserve no less. As a practitioner, the difference between those of us who love what we do and those who do not, rests primarily with whether or not we quite literally 'love' what we do. Loving what you do requires passion- yes it does. For those entering this career with the attitude that 'it's a job' but that they will nonetheless be truly dedicated t
  8. Does anyone know what the score was to get an interview this past year at Cumming?
  9. For those of us just planning to write the MCAT, exams dates are being canceled. Those whose exams are cancelled are being asked to reschedule for "later" and depending on how long this goes on, it could push people out of the upcoming application cycle.
  10. Hello, Congratulations to everyone that has received an interview and good luck! I am a student with disabilities considering applying to Western via their Access Pathway. Has anyone here applied on that basis and received an interview or been accepted to Schulich? Thank you all!
  11. Thanks Upendy! I did exactly the same 'research' you did-could be as early as tomorrow starting around 9m EST it would seem... though in the previous years they seem to like to send them out mid week-ish. rather than on a Friday. Anyway, it seems no one has any inside info, so we will remain in suspense til the emails come out!
  12. Has anyone heard when this year's interview invitations will be sent out?
  13. Definitely some surprises in the scoring. Weak score in areas I typically excel in, and have been praised for in letters of reference. Very puzzling.
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