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  1. I an an RN who's being asked about that a lot. For me personally not being able to match my level of knowledge and expertise with my level of autonomy is annoying. NPs don't have the full autonomy either. Knowing what to do but not being able to implement it due to limited scope of practice is something that can be helped when you're an NP, but just for a short time. After you gain expertise and confidence in your knowledge, there's going to be a mismatch again. It's like your brain is in golden cage. If your doc trusts you, they would just ask you to write orders and sign, but that makes my a
  2. Hello, I've been reading a lot of this forum, trying to outline the list of the med schools I have chances with. I'm not sure how to self-assess my GPA. I've got BSc in Nursing, going to school full time for 4 years (Sept to August). However, before starting the nursing program, and before I even knew I would be accepted, I took 6 courses (3 credits each) which were not technically pre-reqs, they would have been a part of the program otherwise (2 ENG, 2 BIO, 2 electives). So, that was winter and summer semesters before starting the bachelor of nursing. Each semester 9 credits, s
  3. I'm currently working as an RN in a leadership capacity. I'm also in an executive role for our union local. I'm contemplating running for a president of our local and I have a good support from our members. However it is a lot of work and I'm thinking of other commitments and responsibilities I could pursue in my community. Providing that physicians are very sceptical about our nursing unions due to the certain political disagreements (I'm generalizing of course), but medical schools in Canada appear to value equity and certain, I would say, Marxist ideals, it's hard to deside if I should disc
  4. That sounds like a very strange requirement... I live in a remote, rural community, have been living here for more than 5 years, but I'm in my 30s. I work at AHS and the whole community here, including physicians, many patients and their families, nurses, indigenous leaders and county council want me to become a physician for them. I thought I would qualify, but that strange requirement of 12 to 18 years... Discouraging...
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