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  1. If anyone in London would like to regularly meet up in person to prep for Western's interview, please message me! It would be amazing to get a group going!
  2. Have you heard anything about how gpa differences correlate to points given? Like what the diff b/w 87 and 88% or 89 vs 90% would be? Has this ever been disclosed in the past?
  3. Based on what I've read, I think the scores are based on how you perform compared to others, but they have a way of standardizing the scores across the years (not just between the Nov 2018 exams). Obviously the exact formula they use to calculate this is not something they disclose. Judging by the score scale for bio on this DAT especially, I guess all students underperformed on what they thought wasn't as difficult of an exam...
  4. I can see my scores now. My bio score is SO low omg
  5. Hi, I just had a quick q about whether I should include being part of pre-dental society in my ABS for Western! I was in it for one year last year and had a rather small role within the club. I don't have a lot of shadowing hours so I'm curious to know if having been part of the club would suggest a stronger interest in dentistry. Also, would it be more appropriate under the Teamwork/Leadership Skills section or the Dentistry/Shadowing experience Section? Thank you in advance!!
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