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  1. If you qualify consider the Canadian forces for a second residency while making family doc money. IM and neuro are definitely sponsored options
  2. I'm looking to transfer specialties at the same site or to an unfilled position in another province. Unfortunately it appears that funding arrangements have undergone extreme changes in my location at least :( Applications open Jan 1st IIRC for 2019/2020 resident transfers
  3. Damn is this the neuropathologist Richard Hammond? If so man you were awesome to chat with at interviews! I kind of regret not ranking Western NP higher but I'm still happy I ended up in my first choice discipline
  4. They'll roll it out when 2nd round ends. Last year was a $150k signing bonus for unmatched students and a 5 year RoS which includes 2 years residency. After residency there's about 6 months collective of basic and officers training. Call the recruiters NOW if you are worried about being unmatched as the application is quite long and the security check +CFAT if they don't wave it again can drag out the applications https://forces.ca/en/career/medical-officer All glory to the Murdercube! /
  5. "Working" might be a poorly chosen word on my part, but they effectively function at the level of a resident at a single program for a extended period. They officially function as a CC3 or CC4, and stack electives at a single program. But, many of the IMGs who previously worked as physicians in the same specialty they're applying to I've seen work pretty much independently (think like a senior resident who needs a cosign) once they build trust with the staff, and just need a resident/staff to sign off on their work/treatment plans given their extensive prior training. I've seen this happ
  6. No idea but I gave the wrong subforum initially. They've got an active second round thread http://www.rxpgonline.com/forum181.htm ^correct link
  7. This site is probably mostly CMGs and a small particularly paranoid subset of us. Invites can come out as soon as hitting submit (home school CMG family/internal last year) latest invite I heard was 1 week prior to the rank order deadline last year but most of them gave applicants 2-3 weeks prior to ROL deadline. This site has a decent number of IMGs if you haven't checked it out http://www.rxpgonline.com/mccee-mccqe.html
  8. As it stands the English residency spots:English CMG graduates in Canada is around 0.98. Proportionately IMG spots have grown more than CMG spots in the last decade. It's going to be very difficult to deal with the cascading issue of unmatched anglophone CMGs without funding more spots or shuffling them from IMG to CMG/competitive spots. At the end of the day there aren't enough English language residencies in Canada for even CMGs, I think we can agree that this shortage is the issue. I was unmatched last year as a CMG. It sucked. I hope things go well for you
  9. There is a massive amount of political pressure to take CMGs for pretty much any spot they can reasonably do so across English Canada (can't comment on Quebec). Remember last year was the worst for unmatched grads on record, and elections are coming up federally. I can't comment for specific IMG applications, but the general trend is to try and reduce the backlog of CMGs as we're kind of uniquely useless without access to a Canadian residency and only recently is writing the USMLE even a thought. IMG applications often give me a "its who you know" vibe. A lot of IMGs when I was in t
  10. CMG pathology was about 95% male this year. Interestingly this is also the year the RC switched to digital pathology
  11. A lot of them had an IMG lined up for second round for the spots not set aside for CMGs. Some like Alberta med micro and pathology didn't rank (virtually) anyone according to a friend who's a resident there so I'm unsure how this will play into second round.
  12. You'd have better luck joining the Canadian forces to be considered in province virtually everywhere. St. John's is kind of like Saskatoon on the ocean if that floats your boat
  13. The rotating internship year most places have will have different EPAs rather than 4 weeks obs=4 weeks obs
  14. Be aware that some of the new CBD requirements might make transferring a lot more difficult between programs
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