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  1. Or maybe... some poor bloke is sifting through all those paper photocopies of our PoC by randomly pulling them out of some box they were thrown into, checking the electronic version, and updating status at the same time.
  2. Mine was updated to received a few weeks ago! I uploaded my documents late December :)
  3. If anyone is in the Kelowna area and would like to prep for MMI's feel free to PM me! It would be great to put together a group to practice with!
  4. Hopefully regrets come out at 2pm and we only have 30 more minutes of waiting!
  5. No I haven't received yet haha. I used the interim average statistics to calculate. Should follow the same linear progression.
  6. AQ score = 1.6351*GPA - 116.61. Anyone want to confirm my math?
  7. At least this time we KNOW the countdown is real! Makes the process less anxiety producing for sure. Still, focusing on studying for finals next week will not be easy!
  8. Speak for yourself hahah. I think very few of us will be breathing easy on Monday regardless :p
  9. Absolutely no correlation. The first time I applied I had at least 10 verifiers contacted and I ended up being over 15 points short of an interview. The only thing you know for sure is that you got a full file review!
  10. Anyone else feeling like you're more nervous simply because you don't know when it's coming and we're so close?
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