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  1. Just to update everyone: I will be declining my offer, so someone will receive some good news soon! Goodluck everyone!
  2. Result: Accepted (VFMP) Geography: IP Early or Regular Deadline: Regular Timestamp: 8:15AM AGPA: 87.9% MCAT (CPBS / CARS / BBFL / PSBB): 511 (128/126/128/129) Current Degree (UG/Bachelors/Masters/PhD): completed a second undergrad Interview: last two years have been waitlists with average interviews. This year went with more of a conversational approach so not sure if that helped. Felt okay about the interview, looking back at it, I still cringe lol. ECs: 75-100th percentile last year. Diverse, long-term volunteer activities, research, interests/hobbies
  3. Time Stamp: 00:00 on OMSAS Result: Acceptance cGPA: 3.95+ Stream: English, OOP Year: Just completed my second degree ! Interview Thoughts: I felt like the interview went well but after so many cycles I wasn't sure. I had a very friendly and warm panel and we had a few laughs. Honestly, this has been a long journey for me. I am a nontraditional student who took 5+ years to complete a bachelors due to a personal matter then completed a second degree (since my first degree GPA was not so great). I first applied in 2015/2016 but received no interviews, 2016/2017 I did not
  4. MD, it did update on omsas and yes there is a reset response button!
  5. I got Ottawa offer expiry May 25th. English OOP will update stats later.
  6. 4th time applicant here, been waitlisted two years in a row. The waiting is hard, some days I think I’ll get in others I think I’ll be straight up rejected LOL. It’s best to take it day by day and distract yourself ! Honestly, I think there is an element of luck to this...
  7. OMSAS only updates if you are accepted, they don't tell you if you are waitlisted or rejected! At least that's how it's been in the past. So if you are accepted, you will see an update under the offer of admission column and if you are waitlisted/rejected, you will see nothing.
  8. Hey guys, This might be a really silly post but I logged onto OMSAS today and under the offers/choices tab, I feel like the "response" column was added recently. I feel like when I logged in yesterday, I only had 3 columns" offer of admission / medical school / action. I'm assuming it's just a regular update and I am overanalyzing
  9. I am IP and applied to rural. Check out this link:https://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/2012/04/25/offers-process-overview/ from last years support thread, its got some info.
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