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  1. Ah gotcha. Well 12 months sounds like a heck of a vacation haha. I'll see what I can do. So just to confirm, going to UBC for undergrad for 4 years won't allow me to get BC status??
  2. Thanks for the responses. It might be slightly early for me but I've been accepted into UBC and a couple of Ontario schools for undergrad (bio/biomed). As a student, it may be hard to pay for expenses of moving to Vancouver to attend UBC. I want to hopefully get into UBC med and practice in BC but if I have the same chances of getting in from Ontario then it makes more sense for me since I won't have to pay increased rent, plane tickets, etc. (I hear Vancouver can be expensive as s*** haha). Can I do something wierd and stay in Ontario but go to BC (vacation) and apply for residence? I know it
  3. Hey guys and gals. As a pre-med from the east. Just wondering how many UBC med students are from ontario and not BC? I hear they have a really strong in province advantage and only let about 10% of students outside in. Love some insight on where you are all from! (I also gather you need higher marks to be accepted if you're a "foreigner" from outside BC?) Love the school but not sure how my chances are! Cheers, Richard
  4. What's up people, I know this forum has people from all over Canada and just wanted some opinions on these cities. What are the best / worst things about each. Also some specifics: Cost of living, people/social life, proximity to activities/other cities, enviorment/nature, climate, highlights (parks, resorts, resturants), job oppourtunities, etc. Anything relavent to the living experience. Would love to be in close proximety to both parks and downtown. Love to get away from work and go have a bite to eat and then go hiking. Big fan of nature & nightlife too. Would love any input
  5. Hey there, Just wanted a little insight on Alberta/Edmonton/Calgary as a whole. Being from Toronto, don't have much experience about it other than the fact that its freezing cold lol. How do you like the cities? How is the cost of living, weather, social life/people, activities, enviorment, etc. compared to Toronto/Vancouver. Cheers, Richard
  6. Thanks, the only thing I'm not crazy about are all the pure sciences/math/physics involved in BioMed. Shouldn't both Biology and BioMed grant you a bachlors in science BSc? Or is BioMed a different degree all together?
  7. Any thoughts on Biology vs. BioMed vs Health Science at UOttawa? Been accepted into all three but can't decide which to take...they are all so similar yet so different haha
  8. Hey all, here's the thing. I've been accepted into UOttawa's Biology (BSc), Health Sciecne (BHSc), and Biomedical Science (BSc) and I'm struggling to decide which of these programs I should go for. Anyone faced this dilemma before? Does one degree stand out over the rest or could Med schools care less about what the degree is and just look at the GPA? I'm into most of the courses in BioMed but really dont want to take physics or calculus. Biology is pretty basic and 3rd/4th year are basically all electives so very customizable (but BIOLOGY just sounds really general and doesn't have the ring B
  9. Hey there, as a future Pre-Med student I am aware extracurriculars are very important. But what exactly counts/looks good on your application? I'm no stranger to volunteering as I have volunteered at numerous shelters, hospitals, etc. But are medical schools looking for something "extraordinary" or are my casual weekly involvments in the hospitals/non-profit organizations enough... do I need to show leadership and actually manage, lead, or win an award/get an LOR in something lol. If possible, list down some ECs that you have done/enjoyed to give me a little idea on what options are out there!
  10. Thanks for the insight, if you don't mind me prying...what medical school did you end up in and how was your experience at UOttawa?
  11. Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer my questions, it is defiently a school at the top of my list! I'd figure the lack of partying is a downside but hey, more time to study haha. Love the city in general. Any specific reason you transfered out of western? I've been deciding between the two. (will definetly pm you for anymore questions, applying soon so would love someone with insight such as you) Cheers
  12. Just wanting some insight on UOttawa as an undergraduate school for BioMed/Health Science. So I've got a few questions for people who have attended: 1. How is the campus? (I've heard people say its really ugly and that lecture halls/equipment are old/poor funding) 2. How good is the medical student community? (Support from people going through premed/mcat/etc) 3. How is it for someone who doesn't speak French? (I've heard it can be a little difficult becuase they focus a lot on French and that some Professors may have heavy french accents lol) 4. Would you suggest BioMed or
  13. Thanks for all the replies. This gave me a little comfort in choosing UOttawa. Its really a city I'd like to be in for 4 year but was just very unsettling that only 5 U of T Med students are from there. (Which is where I would like to get a shot at)
  14. Hi there, new to the forum. I'm currently in grade 12 and starting to apply to university. My longterm goal would be to get into University of Toronto or McMaster medical school. So the question is: Does the undergraduate school you do to matter in terms of Medical school acceptance? I know this topic has been discussed before but wanted to know if anything has changed. I currently live in Toronto and want to get away for undergrad and explore somewhere new like Ottawa or Northern Ontario (don't ask me why lol). Would going to schools like Uottawa or Northern Ontario which are ranked 10th or l
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