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  1. Most apply using oztrekk https://oztrekk.com/programs/dentistry/
  2. For sure, UQ offers are also out and there are people who chose UQ over Griffith. However, they did send 45 offers out. The lapse date is Nov 5.
  3. Early acceptances to Griffith are out! If you haven't joined our discord yet, pls msg me and I can send you the invite link
  4. Like I said tho, those are the past years and their evaluation process is different now so the GPA could lower if anything.
  5. I’m just basing it off what I see on the forums. I’m not trying to discredit anyone, I’m just trying to help. I’ve seen people with less than 3.9 get interviews, but when it comes to acceptances, I haven’t seen less than 3.9 (maybe 3.89) UNLESS they have a masters. They also talk about this in the forums, that if you have a lower GPA your chances increase if you have a masters. edit: if you are an exception to this, I would love to know because it’ll give us hope. I’m also aware that not everyone posts their stats online but yeah you get my point.
  6. For UofT, I haven't really seen anything less than 3.91 GPA, unless they've done their masters then I've seen ~3.87. It might change this year tho due to them becoming more holistic in terms of evaluation (i.e. CASPer, essay, personal statement).
  7. Since there's quite a few of us, I decided to make a discord for griffith applicants https://discord.gg/Tv32Zu
  8. Sure, I have a 3.73 gpa. I also spoke to someone who got in last year and they had a 3.55 gpa.
  9. Griffith as well! Hopefully the results are out Monday, I’ve been eagerly waitinggg
  10. Good luck! Which schools are you waiting for an offer from and what's your top choice?
  11. I don’t want to be that person but that isn’t true, they stated the time on the website. But yeah each time slot had 20 spots which I didn’t find fair, especially in larger cities. They should’ve accommodated accordingly.
  12. Shoot, I was hoping I would be able to secure it before I even accept an offer. I would hate to put down a deposit only to not be able to secure funds.. Did you try other banks as well? What made you choose TD?
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