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  1. 75-150K depending on where you are at, your skill level and the hours you work. I know a pt that works nights and weekends in ottawa and makes the upper end of that range hes about 5 years post grad. If you're good with extra certs its safe to hope for 80k
  2. I got accepted to both and your Uzone email will have a notice from admissions saying you only have to pay june 12th
  3. UOttawa friends I got an email back from Vanessa and she said they are trying to change the deposit due date and that is why the system is glitching so don't worry and keep an eye out on Uzone
  4. I was wondering that especially because I got into both programs I thought maybe the deposit transfers between the two. I sent them an email anyways I am pretty worried about my transcript getting to ORPAS for june 30th via snail mail.
  5. I don't think they can revoke the offer once the letter has been given. It's signed by the academic provost and addressed to you. I don't think they made a bunch of extra letters so I think it is safe to say we are in!! One thing though, is the letter says the deposit is due monday so I'm not sure how we pay it if the system is not working.
  6. Honestly don't worry the letter has a signature on it so I think you're admitted. The same thing happened to me so I shot them an email. I herd that uottawa has been having some issues with their system so it's probably a glitch.
  7. Mine did the same thing! I downloaded the letter though so thats one thing I suppose!
  8. Degree BSc (first class) hon Human Kinetics and Health sciences 2019 Applied: Uottawa PT, OT Accepted: Uottawa PT, Ot sGPA 3.61, second round applying to rehab sciences. Strengths, one year work experience as a PTA in Cornwall (bilingual area), previously ran a day program for children with special needs and lots of volunteer experience with coaching and strength and conditioning. For future applicants, I haven't spoken french since grade school outside of work. The french test was challenging in regards to writing because it had been so long so I would recommend studying. Las
  9. They sent the email at 7:03 and I just saw my UZone updated (I got in to PT& OT), remember that previous students said the file updated as late as 10pm.
  10. Uottawa friends they sent out the email saying a decision has been made but my uzone has nothing on it. Anyone els have the same thing?
  11. I think its kinda unfair that u of T does this I mean the other schools wait for all this processing why can't they?
  12. Does anyone know if other schools besides U of T lowkey show acceptance a bit early like on "acorn" equivalent?
  13. I also herd there is alot of movement on the waitlist (probably because a french program isn't most peoples first choice) so I would be interested in seeing a stat of how many OT people get rejected (as long as I am not included in that stat lol).
  14. Just thought id add Uottawa OT is 109 applied and 40 spots, and uottawa PT is 180 applied and 40 spots. Here is the link (it's in french) https://www.ouac.on.ca/fr/guide/orpas-exigences-de-programme/#ottawa
  15. I think it depends on the school I know Uottawa was like a day late last year.
  16. They don't have interviews this year. If you go on the uOttawa site on the FAQ page it says they don't. I think the 15th point on the FAQ says it here is the link! https://sante.uottawa.ca/readaptation/programmes/physiotherapie/foire-aux-questions-faq
  17. I honestly would not worry too much about accreditation as it expires for all schools. Last year I believe UBC and UOttawa went through it. It is very rare a university does not make the changes needed. I would argue Dal would have extra incentive to ensure their program is compliant because they are the only school on the coast. Furthermore I doubt Dals program will be much different from schools who went up for accreditation around the same time (Sask and Mcmaster up for accreditation again next year).
  18. she completed her degree in australia and was taking her licensing exam in alberta if that helps
  19. I knew four people who completed their degrees in the UK/Australia (2 at Glasgow caldonia, one at kings collage and one who completed their OT degree in Australia). The PTs who did their degrees in the Uk had no problems because the schools collaborate with Canadian and US schools they actually said that the pass rate for the practicum section was higher on average than other universities. Two of the three PTs passed the written on their first try and the last on on their second try again they said the test really wasn't that bad especially because most PT programs require a 70 in classes anyw
  20. Makes sense thats just what my co-worker said but they graduated 7 years ago.
  21. It's placed on a curve so a certain percentage of people will fail every year but from my understanding it really isn't that bad for people taking it who went to school in Canada. If you are doing it from a uni outside of Canada i think the pass requirement is a 90%. My info is just from colleagues at work though so things could have changed.
  22. Uottawa applicants did you people get a PT email about needing to take a french course too? I mean they used the same test for both applications so it makes sense but is everyone getting this email?
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