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  1. Hi everyone, I will be starting the Occupational Therapy program at Western in September and was looking to find some other individuals in the program who are also in need of roommates! Feel free to message or reply here and we can chat.
  2. This is great! Thank you so much for all the information! Just one more question, is there any housing recommendations you would make? I'm not too familiar with the London area so I'm a little nervous about this.
  3. Hi! Congrats on your acceptance! I also recently accepted my offer to Western for OT! Does anyone know if there has been a facebook page formed for the incoming OT students? Also, I'm currently looking for a roomate for September, if anyone else is also searching feel free to contact me and we can chat .
  4. I had gone for the interview at UofM and received an offer of admission. I had a great experience! Everyone is really friendly and their class size is capped at 50. The school is located on a seperate campus where they have their med school, pharmacy school etc. So it isn't as busy and crowded. Being from Ontario I was fairly nervous about potentially having to relocate to manitoba for OT school but after speaking with the current students and faculty members my nerves turned into excitement. One thing I liked about UofM is that they a mentorship program where you are assigned to a group
  5. Hi there! I recently accepted my offer to western for OT! Is there usually a facebook group that is set up for the incoming class?
  6. Hi everyone, I have an interview coming up for UofM and I was wondering if anyone could give me some interview tips or an idea of some of the common questions asked? I'm a little nervous so I'm hoping this can give me somewhat of an idea of what I should expect!Thanks!
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