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  1. Augh I hope these are just random waves! So cruel to change the routine
  2. Going to be working and will try not to check email until noon. I’m really hoping not to get that early rejection email this round!
  3. I felt pretty good and I loved that I didn’t have to travel 1000 km and spend $1000 plus dollars! It was enjoyable online, surprisingly. Who knows though - my last few interviews were below average so I don’t think it’s likely to change much this year I felt slightly more confident and organized though...hopefully it helps! best of luck everyone!
  4. I find this one problematic as well - I’m an adult with a professional job and the volunteer activities I do involve leadership roles. I am an executive member of two boards in the community; would it be acceptable to ask the president (who supervises the club board activities) to do the community service reference? I do many hours of service for these clubs so I don’t see why I couldn’t - it would be going backwards to have to seek out a more basic volunteer role I had many years ago in order to find someone with a formal supervisory role to comment.
  5. Got an invite at 10:17 am. Third year applying, third interview. Probably my last time applying because I’m not getting younger My last name starts with A and there were many interview spots available, so that’s hope for those later alphabet people!
  6. Nope, I think we will get results mid to late next week!
  7. Well, they may as well just eschew the “heads up” email and just let us know the results! Maybe I’ll just follow Pema Chodron’s advice and “abandon hope” to alleviate the pain of waiting and anticipating...
  8. I would say PG has grown in diversity over the 25 years I lived there. There is a First Nations community, a Muslim community (mosque was built some time ago), Sikh community (there is a temple there), and many international students who attend high school, CNC and UNBC. There is also a growing and more visible LGBTQ2S community now compared to my elementary/high school days. There are a variety of restaurant types, from sushi to Indian food to gourmet, wood fired pizza. There are many sports, outdoors and social clubs (Toastmasters, Rotary...). I’m sure there are many other examples/perspec
  9. Maybe disdain due to pulp mill smell? I dunno? I was born and raised there, and many a local expresses disdain about that! I am also not sure about the “extreme cold weather,” other than this last winter...
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