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  1. I don't think it would be annoying tbh. You can send them an update and worst case it does nothing but doesn't hurt to try!
  2. Hey so I was also worried about this when I interviewed 2 years ago (I got through 0-2, usually 1 F/U question per station) but it really didn't matter in the end. I think it's more about your overall answer and not how many questions you can answer that matters. Hope this helps!
  3. I honestly would take these responses with a grain of salt. Nobody can predict how the average will change in any single year and I seriously doubt it will rise significantly in one given year. With that being said, your AQ is below average and you will need a high NAQ to just get an interview (will be difficult but possible), and a high MCAT could really help you post-interview. I would definitely try and boost your GPA as much as you can (even 1-2% makes a world of a difference sometimes) and keep focusing on your ECs in the meantime + future MCAT (trust me the MCAT is its own beast). I hone
  4. I think you have a great chance! But as mentioned above, it will depend on your ECs (since the cutoff is high for OOP interviews).
  5. Are you IP? If so I think you have a good chance! I would try and add some volunteering/service over the next 6 months to a year (like hospital volunteering or other types of volunteering) and if possible maybe consider an MCAT retake (a score of 515+ will really improve your chances post-interview).
  6. Says “around May 12” but hopefully either then or earlier.
  7. I don't believe so. They only release the overall average MCAT of accepted vs rejected
  8. Those are all things that are important to include. ECs are a way for them to get to know you as a whole. When thinking of ECs try and include things that are not only traditional premed activities.
  9. You can include family if they're the only ones that can verify something. I personally did this and it wasn't an issue.
  10. Honestly I wouldn't judge PBL before you try it. For us at UBC, CBL is a super critical part of the curriculum and is honestly such a great way to focus on clinical judgement as well as review the material you see in lecture (plus you make friends!) Based on what you said, I would choose a place that makes you the happiest and that you are comfortable attending, it seems like Mac may be a good option but you gotta decide for yourself. Good luck!
  11. I'm gonna have to say that a 3.8 GPA is still competitive. That being said, it depends on the school and their admissions criteria/evaluation method. Also lots of schools use a weighted GPA so make sure to do your research before you apply.
  12. I think you should include this in your ABS section if you have space and if you feel like it is really significant. I personally felt that there were personal experiences that were important to me that I wanted to include in my ABS when I applied and I think it gave a better representation of my experiences as a whole.
  13. Based on those stats you got this! Just focus a summer on the MCAT and make sure you're continuing to stay involved in extracurriculars and you should be fine! I had a really similar GPA when I applied through OMSAS and got multiple interviews. I think once your GPA is above a 3.8, other things like ECs and LORs matter more.
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