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  1. I was pretty in the dark about this LOC stuff a month ago so I'm just trying to help (as it seems you have been doing with your posts exclusive to TD....) since I've learned lots about the different banks. Definitely not a Scotia rep lol, but as @Cantus said it's a handy feature so I thought I'd share. Anyways, have a good one!
  2. There was a link to this page in the admission offer package!! https://catalogue.uottawa.ca/en/courses/med/ I believe the community week is our last week of class at the end of May
  3. I'm going to use my cell phone bill since it's over $50/mo! I also am considering using one of my parents bills for 3 months haha, perhaps even their cell phone bill since it's technically a separate payment for a different phone company
  4. Hey! I am certainly not a Scotia ambassador and all LOC's are generally the same, but here are a few key reasons I made the switch to Scotia. 1. They allow you to keep your LOC open after your schooling OR convert it to a loan while some other banks (for example, TD), only let you convert it to a loan after school. If you keep it as a loan you no longer have access to the LOC money and just pay off what you have already used. Being able to access that money from the LOC can be helpful if you are putting down a mortgage or setting up a practice down the road. Again, it is just nice to
  5. my advisor said that for med students Scotia will extend the existing credit card offers until July 31st since proof of enrolment can take a bit
  6. exactly, with TD you have to take out money from your LOC, add it to your chequing account, and then pay off monthly interest. With Scotiabank, they automatically do that for you. At the end of the day you're paying the same interest to both banks but with Scotia you don't need to remember each month to do it!
  7. I see that MD Financial through Scotiabank offered this deal of $500 cash if you joined or switched to their LOC from this past Oct-April. I am currently looking at getting a LOC but now am thinking of waiting until October in the hopes of getting this deal. If I can finance my studies until October, are there any reasons not to wait until October other than the fact that I'd be missing on points from purchases until then?
  8. @jellybellytellyI was taken off on the 29th and by 11 am yesterday it showed up on OMSAS for me
  9. Result: Waitlisted (Good?) Taken off waitlist May 29th Stream: English Time-stamp: 7:17:55 am wGPA: 3.98 CASPer: It was decent, type around 60wpm and was able to answer all the questions. Only a few answers that I thought I answered noticeably poorly. ECs: Fairly average, some sports, various volunteer work Interview: The interviewers were nice, however I felt challenged a few times. Tried not reading into this too much, and of course there were answers I didn't feel great about immediately after the interview. Year: 4th year undergrad Geography: IP
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