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  1. Lol, no trains. Rent a car and drive it will be the cheapest/most convenient option (I guess bussing might be cheaper but it will take way longer and the schedules are probably particular) The highway is usually good. It's about a 2 hr drive, 4 lane divided highway. There are only direct flights a couple days of the week only at certain times of the day.
  2. No, you select what programs you upload your Casper scores to see.
  3. I wrote the exam end of April and just got my mark today and passed a couple SDs above the mean. I am a pretty avg CMG. To other CMGs reading this... I didn't find it overly difficult. I mean there's a lot where you're not 100% sure but most of the questions are geared towards a family medicine level of knowledge about things. I wasn't tight on time for the MC (had 30 min left at the end to review) like others have said but I'm usually in the top 5-10% of my class in terms of exam writing speed so I expected not to run out of time. The written portion has a ridiculous amount of time alotted li
  4. Or if you didnt match they could just email you Monday and give you Monday/Tuesday off. Were done core rotations everyone is just on post carms electives that are chosen specifically to be the least amount of work possible
  5. Depends on your school. Mine said they won't tell us even though they will know because "you don't have time off until Tuesday at 11 am, so you would be required to be present and working on Monday we dont wanna tell you a day in advance because you wont be able to focus that day, and also you wont be able to do much meaningful planning that one day anyway"
  6. Spending my time on the worlds most boring elective. Hoping to end up anywhere I can match with my partner. Ranked some 200 couples combinations this week. For us, it's mostly about location too, obviously. But if I was ranking solo my top 5 would have looked very different!
  7. I would call carms to see if they have any suggestions. Like if theres a way they can send an alert or message to the programs you applied to let them know theres an email address error and to use the correct one for correspondence. There is also a good chance the email will bounce back as it's not correct, you could try emailing that address to see if that's the case. If that happens they may recheck your profile/custom CV. I'm not sure if they're go to that much effort for applicants or not though
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