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  1. I took ENG211& ENG255 through Athabasca this year. It was $1200ish for both. I got around 90% in both, which translated to an A in one and an A+ in the other. I didn’t find either very challenging and finished them each in around 6 weeks while working full-time. However, my undergrad was partially liberal arts so I have previous reading/writing training. They are annoying courses but you could get them done very quickly over the summer. I have no idea if Athabasca publishes averages for courses but they have great customer service if you phone to ask questions. I’d recommend gi
  2. Hey! I have a special case but it might be useful to hear about. I did 8 part-time years for my undergrad, without a single full-time semester. It made me ineligible to apply for almost all med schools across Canada (only found that out once I started applying last summer. Quite the disappointment.) UBC seems unique in that they don’t care about full-time as much as other institutions. I was just accepted to UBC. I had to write an extensive academic explanation essay to explain my strange transcript. I had another career as an athlete during my undergrad so my schedule legitimat
  3. TIME STAMP: 11:56 Result: Accepted at VFMP!!!! GPA or AGPA (if applicable): ~90 MCAT (CPBS / CARS / BBFL / PSBB): 513. 128/130/126/129 Current Degree (UG/Bachelors/Masters/PhD): B.Sc Geography (IP/OOP): IP  Extracurricular Activities (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.):  Verrrrrrry non-traditional...competitive athlete, older first-time applicant, all part-time years in my degree so I had to write an academic explanation essay. Full-ride academic scholarship for my undergrad, leadership roles in international sport organizations, volu
  4. Those are the exact same courses I’m taking! I need to pump out 211 this week to make sure there is plenty of time for them to grade everything before the 30th. Who is your tutor for 211?
  5. Me! I’m not a PhD, but I do have an AEE, so maybe that’s another type of delay.
  6. Has anyone else not heard back? I’m starting to worry that something happened with my application.
  7. Would you mind sharing the company that you are using?
  8. I’m doing mine through Athabasca and it seems fine—though a little mind-numbing. It’s a very clear set-up and the concise feedback I’ve gotten from the prof will make it easy to do well. I don’t have experience with Thompson. At the moment, the earliest that you could start your courses with Athabasca is Feb 1st. If you could start earlier with Thompson, it might be worth it?
  9. I would also love to know why someone would want to opt out of the Turnitin and if it would have deleterious effects on your application. Thank you!
  10. Same here! Looking forward to reading more on this thread!
  11. Thanks for the info! What about Ontario schools? Do they give numbers out with rejections?
  12. Thanks @Neurophiliac and @Gambinoooo !!! I just assumed that it would be mathematical in some way as the pre-interview scoring seemed quite systematic. This is my first application cycle so there is so much to learn! If you get rejected post-interview, do you get any metric on how you did in the interview?
  13. Hi! Could anyone explain to me how scores work after the interview process? Is there an interview score that is added to the TFR? Are the weighted equally? Thank you!
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