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  1. UofT doesn't differentiate between IP and OOP. The average GPA for my class was 3.93. 16 people with masters degrees.
  2. Sounds about right given the average acceptance GPA is around 3.9+. My year it was 3.93
  3. UofT will drop year 1 this cycle, you don't need to wait until you finish your degree. I believe UofT doesn't require full course load either so your GPA should be very competitive. Focus on the DAT and the other application components and you have a good shot!
  4. I don't want to give anyone false hope but this seems like a good waitlist year to me. Waitlist has already moved 20 spots and there's still 2 months of summer left. In my year most of the waitlist movement happened after the second deposit was due in early August and total movement ended up being in the early 30s.
  5. Why cant you still take part 1? They extended the availability until Oct 31 and test centres are still open albeit under limited capacity.
  6. Dude chill. The American and Canadian DAT are completely separate entities, one is administered by the CDA and the other by the ADA. You can write them back to back if you want.
  7. Completely agree with this perspective. We're lucky to be going to school in Canada. I feel bad for the American students in the states paying 300-500k usd for dental school with federal loans at 7-8% with who knows how much undergrad debt and then going to work 9-5 at a corp ...
  8. Being on the waitlist sucks, I know, but just be patient, stay positive and hope for the best. Keep your mind occupied or else you will drive yourself insane worrying about waitlist movement. It's still really early lots of movement left to happen. Even after med acceptances there are still people that don't drop their spots until the very end of the summer because they are either too lazy or want to keep their options open lol. If only dental schools had a centralized application system like med schools do...
  9. Almost no one works during dental school, there's no point. I know one girl in my class worked a bit on the weekends in first year but I'm not sure if she still does. The amount you would earn from a part time job would not even be enough to cover the interest on your loans so it's really not worth it when dental school itself is already more than a full time job. To minimize expenses, live with roommates, try not to eat out that much (easier said than done in Toronto lol), see if family can contribute anything. Going to UofT the biggest expense is not really the tuition, yes it's one of the m
  10. hold up let me grab my popcorn...
  11. Idk I knew I wanted to be a dentist since the start of high school. If I had the financial means at the time I would have much rather went to Australia and done dental school in 6 years rather than grind through 4 years of undergrad here in Canada and go through the whole process of applying to dental schools here with my life's dreams on the line. Don't get me wrong, I am so happy I got into UofT but I think if people have the means (i.e. wealthy parents) might not be a bad idea if you are passionate about dentistry.
  12. Advisor told me the same thing. LOC stays open as a professional loc which you can use for whatever you want.
  13. Lots of people I know are switching from Scotia to RBC. Last summer they started offering infinite grace period vs. 2 year grace period with scotia. All other terms the same as far as I know.
  14. Are these changes for the better or do you see it being a potential detriment to student learning?
  15. Wouldn't hurt to hold on to it for now. Realistically you don't need to hand that in until you start clinic.
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