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  1. As a previous waitlister dont lose hope guys! Expect movements to happen after the first deposit deadline, then the next swing after med acceptances and other dental school’s acceptances and the majority of movement around the second deposit deadline. PM me if you have any questions!
  2. how do you know how many were waitlisted, thought they didn't release rankings last year?
  3. Just remove them and cover any tattoos for the interview, just to be safe. Once you're in feel free to wear whatever you like.
  4. Also tuition is not the only factor, cost of living is also huge .. Toronto rent prices make me want to cry
  5. Got into UofT with an 18 PAT 2 years ago, GPA was 3.9+ though
  6. I mean if you can afford it might not hurt. Don’t underestimate the interview especially if you’re not a confident speaker.
  7. Can confirm, interview will make or break you no matter how high your GPA is.
  8. Looks familiar ... https://mediarelations.uwo.ca/2019/09/26/1-million-gift-helps-western-advance-the-future-of-dentistry/
  9. Funny enough I know someone from Ontario who got into UBC and McGill first round but didn't even get an interview at Western and was waitlisted at UofT lol
  10. Dentists from other parts other than the countries with equivalency that you listed.
  11. You can find more information by going to each school's website but basically Western has had an autobiographical sketch (ABS) for a few years now and UofT just added a few essays and CASPer to their admission process.
  12. Western looks at your top 2 years and UofT drops your lowest year. Kill this year and next year and make sure you do well on the DAT. Research might not help you much unless you do a masters but the way things are going in terms of the new changes to the admissions process it could be one more thing you write about in your ABS/essays. Don't lose hope, it can be done.
  13. they'll drop your lowest year as long as it wasn't your most recently completed year (i.e. 3rd year)
  14. Of the Ontario schools, UWO takes your best 2 years out of 4 and UofT drops your lowest year as long as the lowest year wasn't the last year.
  15. Last time I heard Western does give bonus points (no one knows how much) for having a masters and they don't discriminate between thesis based and course based masters. Things might have changed though.
  16. If it's any consolation, most of the waitlist movement happened in late July to mid August last year so don't lose hope!
  17. This is your best bet if you choose to go this route OP. But consider the time and financial costs of this as well. I believe IDAP students end up paying just as much as us for 2 years as we pay in 4 years (UofT)?
  18. Sounds like you’re already leaning towards UofT. If the tuition difference isn’t substantial and you’re ok with Toronto’s higher cost of living I’d say go for it. If you’re looking for a new experience then UofT is def the place to be. In terms of quality of education and future job prospects they will pretty much be equal wherever you go. The bigger class size is actually nice like you said you have lots of people you can connect with and yes the facilities are really old but honestly it’s not that bad. UofT teaches a bit of ergonomics and I think they’re trying to implement more
  19. Reputation really does not matter, GPA does. Go wherever will allow you to complete the pre-requisites of each school and get a high GPA. I'd recommend finding an easy kin program somewhere (no hate to kin students lol). As for not wanting to do a whole other degree it all depends how much you really want dentistry and if it's worth that much time commitment. Western looks at your best 2 years GPA but requires 4 years to be completed and UofT allows you to apply after 3 years so theres those options. It all depends how much you want it. There's one guy in our class who did 2 undergrads a
  20. Yes it does. But if you receive an offer of admission it will be conditional upon completing your masters defense before registration in August.
  21. Don't rewrite, no need. With your masters you'll be a shoe in assuming you don't bomb your interview. They definitely give you a bonus for having a masters, in my class theres 16 students with masters.
  22. Right but it's still more expensive to go to the US than it is to go to AUS. If you can't get into a Canadian school your best alternative is to go to AUS unless you plan on working in the states then the better option is to go to the US. In either case I would try to get into a Canadian school first.
  23. ... except US dental school is almost as expensive as going to AUS if not more
  24. Best to ask the school directly but I'm pretty sure UofT does not have any course load requirements.
  25. What kind of vibe did you get at each school during your interview? I'm obviously biased since I go to UofT but here's a response from an old thread (credit @Steins;Gate): I'll speak about U of T and include some things that many people do not consider when they begin their dental education: Pros: - Extremely progressive curriculum. We used to never learn implants in prosthodontics in second year but since these past 2 years, implants are a part of second year. Gone are microbiology and other lab sessions that proved to not be useful and now we get to do a lot more clinical assi
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