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  1. If you really love London and your family is there then consider staying in London (and if you live at home you'll save a ton of money). In terms of future success you're going to be equally competent whether you go to UofT or UWO. In terms of first year though I can say we get a lot more hands on "experience" at UofT. Like you get to start assisting the 4th years starting first semester, and we have a course called CCP where you practice stuff like exploring and periodontal probing on your lab partner starting first semester. In fact my friends at Western are always commenting about how they
  2. Haha that's fair but I'd rather the building be old than live in a city with nothing to do outside of school... and this is coming from someone who grew up in London and did their undergrad at Western
  3. i'm only familiar with ontario schools ... i'd say you have a good shot at western... put a lot of thought into your ABS and personal statement and interview will be make or break
  4. hmm I would say it would all depend on your interview score since UofT doesn't look at EC's ...averages for the class of 2022 were 3.93 GPA and 22 AA 21 PAT. Typically if your GPA is on the lower side you would want higher DAT scores but again depends on the school, applicant pool that year etc. On the other hand you're pretty much guaranteed to get in somewhere in the states lol but that comes with the heavy price tag
  5. Your PAT is fine, I got into UofT with lower .. depends what your GPA is though, you should calculate what it would be with your worst year dropped.
  6. Just study harder this summer and retake the DAT in November. Having the experience of one DAT already will make things easier. Don't lose hope, lots of people take the DAT multiple times. Your GPA is good so do you really want a weak DAT to be the only thing holding you down?
  7. Yup! At least UofT's deposit is only $2000 I think UBC is like $13000? and still I've heard of people giving that up to go to a different school. I guess when you're dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars of tuition/living expenses over the next 4 years what's a measly $2000
  8. Yeah they gave you 2 weeks to accept last year as well. Waitlist still moved into the early 30's last year albeit verry slowly. Majority of movement happened in August.
  9. It's to be able to run a special software the clinics use. Any decent laptop, mac or windows, will do.
  10. Office would be closed at this time.. best bet is to send them an email but it seems to me like they won't be releasing rankings this year. May be taking the Western approach
  11. Congrats to those accepted!! And for those waitlisted don't lose hope!! A little surprised they're not releasing ranking this year though, from previous years you were pretty much guaranteed to get in if you were top 20 on the waitlist.
  12. Your GPA is a lot more concerning to be completely honest. Your DAT scores are fine, in fact I had similar scores. With your GPA however, your best shot at interviews this year will most likely be at a US or Australian school. Depending on your best 2 year GPA (not counting summers) you may also have a shot at Western but you would also need some really good ECs to boot. If you're serious about staying in Canada I would suggest taking a 5th year to boost your GPA or doing a masters degree. Best of luck.
  13. I'm sure there are lots of people willing to practice over skype. That's what we did last year.
  14. The latter. BeMo and Astroff were a waste of time for me. Practice as much as you can with other people and just get comfortable talking out loud to someone for 7 minutes. Try to be yourself, be personable, don't sound robotic, don't over-analyze the question and just talk naturally while trying to draw on your past experiences and demonstrate your personality. Treat the interviewer like an old friend but be courteous and professional. If I had to go through the whole process again one thing I would do differently this time is to practice, practice, practice. I thought practicing an hour a wee
  15. I don't know dog but worrying about your application isn't going to change anything believe me. My advice for everyone applying out there, if you get in this year amazing, congratulations, if you don't - do what you can to improve your application and try again next year! There's people in my class in their late 20's / early 30's, people with 2 undergrads, people with masters, people who have written the DAT multiple times, interviewed multiple times etc. If dentistry is something you're passionate about it is definitely attainable.
  16. Ah that's a lot more subjective. I'm not sure how exactly they rank applicants but ABS and personal statements def play a big role because my friend didn't even get an interview at Western yet ended up being accepted to McGill ...
  17. Interview plays a big role. Was rejected last year with a 91 avg and 21+ DAT as well as a good ABS but felt I did terrible on the interview.
  18. If it makes any of you better schools like UofT and Western barely care about DAT anymore. I know tons of people who have gotten in with mediocre dat scores, myself included. GPA and interview are way more important.
  19. how important is research in terms of competitiveness? you said they look at class rank, do you know what they do if your school doesn't use a ranking system?
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