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  1. Accepted/Refused/Waitlisted: Accepted cGpa: 3.93 sGpa: 4.0 Thoughts on MMI: First time interviewing, did best I could, felt mediocre and nothing special IP/OOP: IP Year/degree if obtained: Finishing UG this semester
  2. Right in the middle of the alphabet! Some people I know received refusals via Minerva already, so I would keep refreshing that as well! Good luck, hope to meet you all soon
  3. Just got a call! Everyone be ready, and good luck!
  4. Hey! Thanks for the heads up! Yes, I can confirm that a score of 5/30 for the MDT was accepted for interviews at least.
  5. While true, if you look closely at the Feb 2018 DAT the lowest score was a 6 (68 people received) besides the 4 people who received a score of 0. A score of 5 did not exist on this sitting. Furthermore, if you look at the Nov 2017 DAT the lowest score was also a 6 (98 people received) besides the 3 people who received a score of 0. A score of 5 also did not exist on this sitting. The Nov 2018 DAT had similar if not the same percentiles but the lowest score given was a 5 (100 people received) with no one receiving a score of 6. By looking at these results, one could assume that
  6. I also wrote to Mcgill about the MDT and how the minimum score given on the NOV DAT was 5, instead of 6 as in previous sittings. They sent me the exact same response, so hopefully they're going to adjust the requirement. The more people that email, the greater the chance!
  7. Does anyone know if the French DAT scale is calculated independently of the English one? I managed to get 99th percentile in Bio but only received a score of 17... Also why are the pattern of scores for the MDT so spaced out? For example there are many who scored 5, none who scored 6-7, and then some who scored 8. Sucks because I know Mcgill's cutoff is 6 to apply.
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