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  1. Hey guys. I'm having a really hard time figuring out how to get the background check. Could someone please help explain the process? Am I supposed to get a form from U of T? Or just go to a police station in person or mail a request? Or is there an online application that I need to fill out? And does the form actually have to be on legal paper? The one I found kept saying specimen or sample instead of something I could fill out.
  2. I guess CBL could be in person then. Don't know if there cluld be anything else tbh. Hospital rotations/horizontals are probably out of the question, I assume.
  3. i think all three of us did. I wonder if theh are really busy.
  4. Might be safe to do so since it has been a week. Plus I tested their phones, not sorming. Email is all we have.
  5. Last week too. Been 7 days so far. Kinda stressed lol. Are you in a research based masters?
  6. How hard is it to get into the PGY-3 CCFP-EM vs the 5 year program? Only concern is if you only did FM trying to get into the EM program, but if you fail to then you're stuck in FM. Does that happen often? Or is it generally safe to say you can get into EM this way? Only curious because I've heard EM is quiet competitive, and if this 3 year method was much easier everyone would just do it and then not worry about any competition? I've onlt heard things and have no idea what's true, so really appreciate your help
  7. How do you get into the 3 year program? Do you match to fam med for 2 year and have to match again to some sort of EM specialty? Or do you directly match to the three year FM-EM combined residency?
  8. So it's the second years that decide what our bag colors will be?
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