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  1. I wont take my 4th year lightly. I just wanted to do my placement in 4th year instead if 3rd. @medabe
  2. yah, 6 lowest marks + 2 p/f courses in 4th year = 8 courses
  3. ya, but then you get to remove 4 FCES; which is8 courses
  4. Thank you lurker25 for both answers, I really appreciate it!
  5. Hi, sorry just another question. So, in my 4th year, I have 3 years under my belt with 30 courses in total; and 6 worst courses get removed. So the scenario is: I have already applied and I am in my 4th year just finishing up the last year of my studies, will they look at my 4th year marks? they should only look at those 30 courses from the last 3 years, and not 4th year, right? I am asking because I want to do my placement in my 4th year, and the placement is a Pass/fail courses. I am hoping they only look until 3rd year and remove 6 lowest courses from those 30, and not look at my
  6. Hey guys! Hope all of you are staying warm in this crazy winter. I have another burning question about UofT. I will be entering my 3rd year in Fall 2019. I may have to take one 2nd year course next year (although I will be in my 3rd year). Would this be ok or should I take it as an extra '6th course' alongside of 5 courses? I want to take five courses only including that one 2nd year course but if this is an issue, then I will just have to do 6 courses for that semester. just an fyi: 5 courses = 100% load May be I am overthinking this. Let me know your feedback please.
  7. Another question wonderful people, I want to be eligible for removing 4 FCE's, which means I have to complete 4 years of school, 5 courses each semester. Does that mean, I have to apply after completing 4th year? Does applying in my 4th year only allows me to remove 3 FCE's since by that time I have only completed 3 years? Any feedback is welcome and appreciated!
  8. oh that's good news! Thank you for the prompt reply! I really appreciate it.
  9. Hi, New here. Just a quick question, what does lowest "3 FCE's" removed mean? Does it mean lowest 3 courses or lowest 6 courses? I have 5 courses each semester,, which is full time 100 % course load. We also don't have anything called 'half credits'. Thanks in advance!
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