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  1. My brother and I used the summers in 1st and 2nd year to travel. I can't possibly be out for 8 weeks in a row but we did take 2 2-week trips each summer. It's possible in 4 year professional programs, just got to plan around research opportunities and work/externships. Also, use the points from your LOC credit cards, they come in handy
  2. Wouldn't FM docs be the first to face direct impacts from expanded PA/NP roles? I'd imagine in the near future, PAs will be regulated in more provinces and their roles expanded so that they can open up their own practices (similar to the US). I think FM docs will face obstacles in the future from multiple directions since the government wants to save costs.
  3. I think getting two LOCs constitutes fraud and they can pull both of the LOCs if either bank finds out. But I'm pretty sure they'd only find it if they have a reason to investigate/audit you so you're taking a chance. As for using the LOC for other purposes, yes I invested it into a plot of land with my brother (who also had an LOC). I know a few classmates who bought a condo in Toronto (back in the day before it was at these high prices) and they've made a significant profit. If you have the means to invest the LOC, by all means do it. The rate is lower than a regular LOC and its unsecured. O
  4. Shouldn't be too surprised....but then again no one really sympathizes with dentists so I'd love to see the figure from this year to see the year-over-year effect
  5. Consider USask since its far less competitive based on the stats. I think your second choice should be UManitoba rather than Alberta schools since its more of a numbers game than ECs
  6. What do you think about the possibility of more corners being cut to get patients and do high yield procedures with the possibility of dental care being implemented by the NDP/liberals? I think you mentioned on another thread that dental care would be devastating to dentists..Higher taxes to pay for it, less payout from the government and large patients increase...how do you think it'll play out?
  7. I agree...the polls were accurate for the most part! We could very well have another election in 2 years (sigh) and Canada is very divided. West of the Ontario-Manitoba border, its mostly conservative with very minimal liberal seats mostly in Vancouver. East of the border, its mostly liberal with BQ and very minimal Conservatives. On top of that, most of the premiers are conservatives, which does not seem good for provincial-federal relations. I have a very bad feeling about the progress (or lack of) in the next few years.
  8. Liberal Minority government with NDP support...not sure how I feel about it. What do people think will happen? An election in the next two years, pharmacare/dental care implemented?
  9. I don't doubt this and I have colleagues working in the midwest (Chicago, St Louis) and west coast (Denver, Phoenix, Seattle) and those figures are the norm for FM. I've always been pro-US for med professionals since your money will go farther and have less taxes. Remember, Canada gets you with the taxes and the CAD/USD currency is just an amplifying effect on the difference. I'm sure the full benefits includes med/dent/pharm coverage, which means you will have great healthcare for you and your family. The only concern I'd have is insurance billings/lawsuits, since insurance companies will dri
  10. Practicing conditions I've heard aren't that great compared to Canada though when dealing with insurance. But the pay with the cost of living is definitely lower in the states since they have less taxes and business loopholes. Even allied professions are killing it in the US compared to Canada but the most stress comes from dealing with insurance.
  11. Met someone from Manitoba recently that was a PA (internal/family medicine) in Winnipeg + rural Manitoba making 130k working 37 hours/week (no call) with full benefits and 3.5 weeks vacation. Is that common out there because that seems too good to be true...
  12. Honestly, at this point if you are still going to have direct confrontations with people who just want to address election issues, I'd rather just have the mods close this thread. Regardless, I asked a few questions about election issues..do you mind contributing to them? 1. Do people feel that Canada needs a national pharmacare plan? If so, do you think we can afford to pay for it through higher taxes (even though we already pay a lot of taxes) or through other means? 2. Liberals plan to run very high deficits for the next 4 years with no plan to balance the budget (apparently it b
  13. Lets try to shift this discussion back to election issues 1. Do people feel that Canada needs a national pharmacare plan? If so, do you think we can afford to pay for it through higher taxes (even though we already pay a lot of taxes) or through other means? 2. Liberals plan to run very high deficits for the next 4 years with no plan to balance the budget (apparently it balances itself?). The Conservatives plan to balance the budget in the next 5 years if elected (meaning high spending cuts). Is this an issue for you when you go to vote?
  14. Just a random question but occasionally I search for job postings in my field and see job opportunities for GPs with salaries ranging from 200-275K. It lists full-time work at 40 hours/week but no mention of call or benefits. These are either in hospitals or urgent care centres in Calgary, Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Toronto. These jobs seem really good but I'm not sure if there are things that I'm not taking into account? For example, if GPs are employed in hospitals, they don't necessarily get benefit packages, vacations or insurance plan subsidies? Does that come out of there salary separately?
  15. And just like that...in one day that has dropped to 60% of winning and 38% of getting a majority. Yes I agree that polls/media can't be fully trusted but the provincial elections in Manitoba, Alberta and Ontario were predicted correctly on the cbc poll tracker and other sources. So they can provide some input about projections and general attitude of the voting public
  16. What do people think about PAs being introduced into the healthcare system? Is it something that resident physicians/attendings feel will help the system and/or make it better/worse for physicians? I know from the US that they are quite extensively used and make good pay for the amount of education but I've also heard it cuts into physicians earning potential? What is the feeling in Canada? Will the next 10 years see more PAs/more recognition?
  17. Wow....this may be the turning point of the election. 3 instances of Trudeau wearing blackface/brownface. Who knows what is still out there? Now imagine if this was Scheer or Jagmeet Singh doing something similar..would people just accept an apology? Scheer would be under a ridiculous amount of pressure to resign and Trudeau would be bashing the Conservatives non-stop. It'll be interesting to see how people react..his image on the world stage has been damaged quite significantly. Not sure how the Canadian media missed this for so long...
  18. This is extremely well written and explains how many people (myself included) feel. Don't vote liberal and your scolded/not with "our people". I'm an Asian immigrant with dark skin, yet I don't vote liberal. But if someone votes conservative and is a dark skin immigrant (African/Arab/Asian, etc.), should that be cringeworthy as someone noted earlier? I would hope not. But that type of rhetoric will just alienate people and push them towards an outsider to go against the status quo. The liberals don't have my vote, neither do the conservatives. But the conservatives are not full of white suprem
  19. Seeing that the election is 5 weeks away, what are people's thoughts on the election (biggest issue?) and what party will you be supporting?
  20. Honestly, this is nothing new...there are tons of Ontario students that have gamed the system in their favour to get IP. The new method that I've heard for med/dent/pharm/etc is to graduate high school in SW Ontario, attend undergrad anywhere in Canada and do one year of Co-Op or employment in the territories. This gives you IP in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario (as well as SWOMEN) and until recently included Sask. I've seen this process done by 12 individuals, and many more are considering it. The only reason I got to know about it is from a patient whose parents did this for their child and is ap
  21. It all depends on the situation of the individual..if the spouse/family members cannot leave the big city due to their jobs, etc., new grads stay closer to them even if there are better opportunities farther away. And quite frankly, if the majority of young associates every year went to the towns 1.5-2hrs away from the GTA, I'm not sure if it would be that lucrative either.
  22. Doubt he has offers to net 500-600k straight out of school... Should be able to get you some stats by next May...but imo there are more part-time gigs (2 days a week) than 4 day work weeks at offices. Corps are definitely having an impact and will continue to play a major role in the future. Not sure if there are more corp positions available though...haven't inquired. I know someone who sold 20 practices recently in the GTA to a corp...so corps are expanding.
  23. 300-325k @ Prime - 0.25 2 of 3 CC annual fee waived while in school (depending on advisor): Scotia momentum passport visa/Scotia Gold Amex/Scotia Momentum Infinite visa Unlimited e transfer, no min balance, Scotia one account, some sort of sign up bonus for new customers ($250 in travel points + $300 cash bonus or something like that) This is what Scotia offers...best out of all the banks imo
  24. So if we do factor in insurances (800/month), and mortgage, realistically that would take your net take home of ~7000 to about 4500-5000. That is still a good income and you will have supplemental income from your S/O. As a household, I can see doctors living really well and saving for retirement.
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